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How to Transform Digitized Pictures into Unique Photo Gifts

If you have long been wanting to digitize old photos stuck in boxes and albums, consider roping in a professional photo scanning service to get the job done. It will save you a lot of time and effort, not to mention the cost of equipment to do it at home. Also, if you have more than just prints in your collection, getting it professionally scanned is a great choice. For example, if you have several boxes of slides, a slide scanning service can help you easily retrieve the memories in them. Unlike with photos, scanning slides to digital formats at home is not an easy or straightforward task.

Once you digitize your photos, the sky's the limit when it comes to doing creative things with them. Photo mementos are among the nicest and most thoughtful items to give someone and there are quite a few ideas beyond standard frames that you can personalize for a milestone birthday or other special occasion. You can turn a picture or set of pictures into photo art to dress up someone's wall, for instance. Or transform a kitchen staple such as a coffee mug by imprinting it with photographic memories.

Clearly, there are a number of ways to take digital photos and turn them into personalized photo gifts for others. Below is a sampling of such ideas

Bracelets and magnets:

Here's a set of gifts to prove that small can be beautiful. A pretty link bracelet sporting photo charms of the kids is a gift that any mom would be happy to get on her special day. Quality photo magnets made of glass or wood are another great gifting option.

Link Bracelet Photo Gift Glass Magnets Photo Gifts

Desktop accessories:

From mousepads to paper weights to journals and calendars, there is a whole range of office products that can be customized with your photos. The results are likely to be unique photo gifts that are both special and functional at the same time.

Office Products As photo gifts Desktop Accessories As Photo Gifts

Quilts and more:

Fabric and photos can come together in many interesting and fun ways. For example, a photo quilt is sure to be a priceless gift for a recent high school grad. And throw pillows with pictures of the kids are a great way to dress up a family room sofa.

Fabric Photo Gift Kids photo on Pillow

Mugs and bottles:

This is one gifting option that rarely fails to please. After all, anybody can use another coffee mug or water bottle. And if these are covered with custom photos, they are sure to find a special place on a person's kitchen shelf.

Photo Mugs Water Bottle with photos

Daily use items:

Make an everyday object stand out by giving it a photo makeover. Anything from a placemat to a serving tray can be transformed into a conversation piece with a few artfully arranged photos. As a fun and quirky gift, this is guaranteed to make someone smile.

Photo Art on Placemat Photo art on Tray

Canvas prints and collages:

Photos are still the best way to dress up a wall. From framed photos and collages to striking canvas prints, there is a wide variety of wonderful display options to pick from. Make someone's day by enhancing a photographic memory through a beautiful print or frame.

Photographic memory on canvas prints Photo Collage as photo gift

Check out a service such as Shutterfly for these and other custom gift ideas.

Image source: Shutterfly

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