How to Guide on Photos, Slides, Negatives & Movie Tapes Scanning

How To's

How to Digitize VHS Tapes

If you have been thinking of converting your stack of VHS tapes to digital formats, there are good reasons not to delay the project. Video tapes were not designed to last forever. The longer you wait, the more likely that they will get degraded and you will lose all the precious footage in them - from weddings, reunions, or just daily life moments. (more…)

How to Scan Slides and Negatives

When it comes to digitization, photographic film - mostly negatives and slides - is a different animal. But if scanned and processed the right way, it can yield much better images than prints. We all have archives of negatives that we can't afford to neglect. If you are looking to digitize your stash of film, be prepared for some challenges along the way. But whether you do it yourself or with professional help, this is a worthwhile and rewarding project for the photographer and family archivist. (more…)

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