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How Video Scanning Works

Our approach to scanning has always been to make it high-quality, safe, and easy, and we've brought that philosophy to transferring video tapes to your computer, DVD or US thumb drive. For more about how easy it is, read on.

How it works

1. You Order
How ScanCafe works

2. You Ship to Us
How it works

3. We Scan
How it works

4. You Download
How Photo Scanning Works

5. We Ship to You
How it works

6. You Enjoy & Share



You place your order

  • Place your order using our online order form
  • You'll be asked to estimate your order quantity. A rough guess is fine!
  • Printer required. Our system is integrated with UPS, so we'll automatically generate a pre-paid UPS shipping label that you'll need to print out from your home or office.
  • Partial payment. When you place your order, you will make a partial payment roughly equal to half of your order.
  • Be sure to fill out the DVD Titles Worksheet when you place your order. It helps us get the spelling right for each of the titles in your order.
  • USA Standard option: Your videos will be transferred in our Indianapolis lab with a 4-6 week turnaround time.
  • USA Express option: You can choose to get your video scanned in our Indianapolis labs for a faster turnaround. learn more »

  • Two

    You ship us your items

  • Use a sturdy box. See our packing tips.
  • Fill your box. You should be sure to use any cases that you have for your video tapes. If none are available, use a plastic bag. Try to fill your box with extra newspaper or other padding so that your tapes aren't jostled in transit.
  • Label your video tapes to correspond to the DVD Titles Worksheet you filled out when you placed your order. We'll make sure that information is reflected in the final navigation menus of your finished DVD.
  • Drop off your box at a UPS location. Your order is tracked from the minute you hand it to UPS.
  • We'll send you an email when we receive your originals.
  • We will handle the rest of the shipping for your order, which will include transporting it via air freight (the most secure form of shipping in the world), to and from our scanning facility in Indianapolis, IN. read more about our safety »

  • Three

    We scan your video

  • Your video will be inspected. ScanCafe will not repair video tapes that are damaged to the point of unplayability in our reference equipment.
  • We will then digitize your video tapes and make them available for download or record them on DVDs or USB thumb drives.
  • Each tape upto 2 hours of run-time is charged at $21.99. If any tape has only few minutes, still the charge is $21.99. If any tape has more than 2 hours of run-time, we will author the tape onto separate DVDs, each containing 2 hrs of content, and charge accordingly. For example, if a tape has 6 hours of content, we will charge $65.97 (3 X $21.99).

  • Your Download

  • After you complete the payment, we make the scanned video files available for download.
  • You may download the scanned video files to your computer.

  • Four

    We ship your order to you

  • After your order is digitzed, you will not need to review it (as you do with photos here at ScanCafe). It will be completely processed.
  • After your order is processed, we compress it ("burn" it) onto an archival-quality Video DVD or USB, which should be playable on computer and nearly any recent-model DVD player or TV.
  • The return shipment is sent via UPS and is also trackable during the entire trip to your door. You have the option to request signature delivery at time of final checkout.

  • Photo Scanning

    You enjoy & share!

  • Your Video USB or DVD will not be copy-protected, so you are free to make copies for friends. That will, however, require knowing how to "burn" DVDs and appropriate "ripping" software. You may find it more convenient to order duplicate USB or DVDs when you place your order.
  • As your Video USB or DVD is in Standard Definition resolution, and also given the resolution limits of most video tape media, we recommend that you view your DVD or USB on a standard TV (not an HDTV) if at all possible.
  • More questions? read the FAQ »