e-Gift Cards For Photo Scanning, Video & Movie Transfer Services

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How it Works:

  • Step 1 - Purchase as many $100 gift cards for $65 - no limit to how many you can purchase.
  • Step 2 - Get your friends and family to purchase gift cards as well.
  • Step 3 - If we achieve 2,000 gift cards sold between now and March 28th, we’ll add an additional $15 bonus to every $100 gift card for a total usable value of $115. That’s more than 40% OFF!

In need of a thoughtful, and lasting gift? ScanCafe gift cards are the perfect gift for protecting the memories saved on old negatives, photos, slides and video tapes of special friends and family members.

With a ScanCafe gift certificate, you can help to :

  • Protect precious memories forever
  • Clean out the clutter in your home
  • Relish the stories of yesterday
  • Pass on images to everyone in the family

Add a sentimental touch by uploading a photo to the e-gift card!

A Gift For Every Budget

With ScanCafe gift cards, you simply select the dollar value you wish to give and the recipient will be able to purchase services up to that amount without being charged. ScanCafe gift cards are an ideal present to give to special people in your life who have expressed the desire to preserve precious memories. In fact, giving a ScanCafe gift card may be just the encouragement your friend or family member needs to get photos scanned and will save them the hassle of DIY scanning. A ScanCafe gift card is the perfect solution for preserving photos, negatives, or slides before they incur irreversible age damage. And they’ll remember your unique gift every time they look at their wonderful digital memories! Further, there’s no need to worry about a card getting lost or misplaced. Should this happen, simply contact us

The lucky recipient of a ScanCafe gift card can use it on movies, films, photos. See what $50, $100 $65, $250 can get you in...

Photo Scans

Gift Cards

$50 (114 Scans)

Gift Cards

$100 $65 (227 Scans)

Gift Cards

$250 (568 Scans)

Video Scans

Gift Cards

$50 (2 Scans)

Gift Cards

$100 $65 (4 Scans)

Gift Cards

$250 (11 Scans)

Movie Scans

Gift Cards

$50 (167 Scans)

Gift Cards

$100 $65 (333 Scans)

Gift Cards

$250 (833 Scans)

e-Gift Card Delivery

Send a gift in minutes! Gift cards are sent to the recipient by email along with your personal message and instructions for using the gift certificate. The perfect, last minute gift to get that special someone scanning today!

Bring back to life old family photos and give a timeless gift!

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

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