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How Transferring Video to Digital Works

We have designed the whole process to be as pain-free as possible



All you have to do is ship your tapes to us and we will take care of the rest for you.


ScanCafe's Technicians

Your videos will be transferred at our Indianapolis lab with a 3-4 week turnaround time.


Enjoy & Share

At the end, you will have all your movie memories safely transferred from your tapes to a digital download, or USB drive.

What Sets our Video Conversion Service Apart

Our Handling

Through individually barcoding your tapes with unique order-specific codes, along with a multi-phase post production security check system, our approach balances efficiency with the personal touch.

Our Approach


Using professional decks equipped with video stabilization features to ensure the best possible playback. The resulting file is then encoded using our proprietary software which analyzes the video and removes any blank footage.


We care about your memories. We will attempt to repair video cassettes at no extra charge.


Your box of memories is tracked at every step in the process. You can track the status online, in real time.


With a $1000 guarantee that you'll never need to use. We don't leave safety to chance, which is why we may have gone overboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

In theory, you can digitize your tapes yourself. But you have to be ready to set aside a significant chunk of time for the project. Since your videotapes have to play out in real-time in order for you to record their contents, there's no way to rush the process. You also have to own or procure a VHS player that can play your old tapes and for most people, that becomes a stumbling block. So, outsourcing the job to a reliable videotape conversion service like ScanCafe makes a lot of sense - from both a time and setup perspective.

We cannot process footage involving nudity, as with our photo scanning service and per our Terms of Service. If your video contains nudity, we will try to to process the parts that don't contain nudity, where it seems warranted. In addition, we cannot process videotape that is copyrighted work. For these purposes, we will consider recorded TV shows or movies as de facto copyrighted work and will not process them.

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