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Scanning is the right approach for sharing family photo memories, but this takes time and skill. I have turned to ScanCafe, an inexpensive commercial scanning service. One album at a time, they have.With ScanCafe's high resolution / high quality scans of her 35mm images, award winning author and lecturer Judy Glattstein can once again make use of her early photographs

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"ScanCafe has designed their entire process to be as seamless as possible, which I LOVE! I've been wanting to do this for SO long but have been a bit nervous to do so because these tapes hold incredibly special irreplaceable memories, but knowing that ScanCafe performs everything at their state-of-the-art lab in the USA instead of outsourcing to another country (like most services do), I feel so confident and comfortable that my memories will be in the best hands." – Shayla

"I loved getting to prioritize memories over perfection, and ScanCafe made getting it digitized super easy and straightforward. They take any old developed film you have - photos or video - and digitize it so you can share it and store it online. This made the process so much easier and more accessible, and it is also such a great gift for parents + grandparents who have old memories stored that way!" – Grace

"When my mom and I found three huge bins full of old family videos and photos we knew we wanted to have them converted to digital files. A big thank you to ScanCafe for making it happen! Whether you are looking to digitize photos, videos, or home movies, they do it all. Every image, tape, reel, and video is not only scanned by hand but digitally retouched by ScanCafe’s professional editing team." – Chelsea

"The service was quick and completely reliable. Our original family photos came back in a secure box along with a tracking number to ensure their safe arrival. I am so happy to have all of these memories digitalized and to have the ability to create a fun family slideshow for our next holiday get-together!" – Christian

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Photo Scanning

Where our handcrafted quality really shines is in repairing your photos. Our skilled technicians will spend approximately four minutes restoring your photo. From slides, negatives, black & white photos, and APS film we have you covered.

Photo Scanning

Home Movie Transfer

HD scans of 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm movie film, with free dust and scratch reduction, an industry first.

Home Movie Transfer

Video Scanning

We scan video tapes with hand-scanning touches like color correction and scene selection.

Video Scanning

Audio Transfers

We use a state-of-the-art deck to capture the sound of both sides of the tape from beginning to end. Check out reel to reel and audio cassettes

Audio Scanning

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