With ScanCafe’s Cloud Archive & Download service, have peace of mind knowing that your precious memories are backed up digitally for generations to come. This service lets you keep your digitized memories on the cloud where you have constant access to them. For just $10/mo or an annual membership for $100 you can download memories at your leisure.


How It Works

  • Sign up when you place your order or anytime before you finalize your order in our review process. The Cloud Archive is $10 per month, or save money with the $100 annual membership.
  • All of your orders will be added to our cloud, so you can peruse them at your leisure. If you have previous a la carte orders with us dating back to 2/19/2019 or gift boxes dating back to 12/31/2019, those will also be added to your account on the cloud.
  • Customers can cancel at any time.

Why Add the Cloud Archive Service?

The Cloud Archive & Download service lets you store your digitized memories in our cloud as long as you're a subscriber. No need to worried about losing a USB with your files or your computer crashing. Our team has built a best in class Cloud Archiver service. When you digitize your memories with ScanCafe and add the Cloud Archive, you'll always have access to a Digital Download option. Download them, review them , or just keep them stored safely and securely.

Add the Cloud Archive to Your Order Today

It's fast, easy, and, with two pricing options, affordable. Keep your memories handy and subscribe today.