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Over time, slides, negatives, prints and video will change color and fade away. But scanning, done right, can save them. learn more »

Why Scanning?

Photo Restoration

How photos fade when exposed to light

Color photos that you display in your home, even under glass, will eventually fade away. The culprit isn't light, in the end: it's actually the photos themselves. learn more »

Photo Scanning

Color shift — the fading that happens in the dark

Color photos, slides, and negatives decompose even in the absence of light. But you can slow it down if you follow our key storage tips. learn more »

Scratching: the invisible enemy

Slide and negative films, despite abrasion protection layers, are extremely delicate and scratch, it seems, at the drop of a hat. Here are some ways to prevent it from happening. learn more »

Digitize photos

Disaster happens — why your photos aren't that safe at home

Beyond the inevitable deterioration of your photos, there's another risk: disaster might strike. But our research shows that some kinds of disasters are lot more likely than others. learn more »

Photo Scanning

Special decay problems for video tapes

Video tapes decay in very different ways from photos, but the end result is the same: the sooner you preserve them, the better. learn more »

Photo Scanning Services

Doing it yourself? Some things to consider

If you want to scan and repair your own photos, you're a brave person, since it's not easy and a big commitment. But here is our advice for hardy souls. learn more »

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    "After moving my mother last year, from the home she had lived in for nearly sixty years, I was left with accumulation from most all those years. Amongst everything was a box of hundreds of slides and photos, some nearly one hundred years old. Thank you ScanCafe for restoring not only the pictures, some of which were pretty damaged, but also for restoring the memories that went with those photos. You've made Christmas extra special for my mother, and all of us, this year."" - December 11, 2007"

    - Joe, North Kingstown, RI (Dec 2007)

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