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Photo Color Correction Services

Because photos can change color over time, an essential part of scanning is to return the colors to their natural state. But there's a right way and a wrong way to do this, in our judgment. And the right way is to do it by hand, with a trained, skilled technician.

Man vs. machine

We have nothing against software, and in its place it's a very important tool for preserving memories. But we don't believe that you can run a piece of software blindly on a batch of photos and hope for the best (as many of our competitors do). We believe in looking at every single image you send us, and correcting it according to what we see. Judge for yourself below.

Raw Scan Example 1 Raw Scan Example 2

Original Image. Shown just after scanning — what we call a "raw" scan.

Software Color Correction Example 1 Software Color Correction Example 2

Software Correction. After applying automated correction software used by many scanning services.

Manual Color Correction 1 Manual Color Correction 2

ScanCafe's Manual Repair. The same images, corrected manually by our technicians, as part of our standard service.


Think twice, preserve once

Parting with treasured memories, even for a moment, is something that no one does lightly, and it can be a large project. That's why we think you should trust your memories to a safe service with lots of experience, and why we think you should have an excellent set of "digital negatives" made with care. That way, you won't have to do all this over again, and you can get on with making new memories, enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing your past is secure.

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    23% Percent of Americans who believe their color images stored in the dark will last forever. (Research does not support their belief.) source: GfK North America

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    "I have done a lot of scanning in past years and it has taken me months upon months to achieve the professional results that you gave me in a few weeks. I am so grateful for this timely and cost-effective service."

    - J. Adams, Orem UT (Sept 2007)

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