Tell Your Story

You are more than photos on a page. Your story is a collection of voices.

For over 10 years, our mission has been to bring your memories back to life, enabling you to share with loved ones today, tomorrow, forever.

We have been proud of the trust you have given us to preserve and protect over 200 million memories. Always striving for new and innovative ways to serve you in this mission.

We are thrilled to bring to you the next stage of that journey - Kinoke. With Kinoke, your story is alive.

Using audio or visual recording, tell your story for the ages, for your loved ones, and for future generations.

When you subscribe to our subscription service, your entire collection of memories are at your fingertips. Simply select a favorite to transfer into the Kinoke app, title your story, and hit record!

Collaborate with family and friends, gather around the Kinoke table, and together build the full story.

Pick a moment, and start a story today!

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