Movie File Scanning Price Comparison

Our approach to movie film begins with physical cleaning, then an HD scan at SD prices, and adds--at no charge--color correction and digital dust & scratch reduction, two things which are rarely available at any price. You can use the table below to see that for a typical project--1 hour of 8mm movie film--we could save you as much as $300, and still give you the best all-in quality available. ScanCafe uses top-end equipment including MWA capture machines, Agiscan capture software, and Adobe editing software.

Scanning Price Details

ScanCafe Competitors
Price $0.30 per foot Per item + additional at certain per foot metric $0.40-$1.25 per foot
Media Accepted 8mm, Super8, 16mm, & 35mm Typically only 8 and 16mm formats
Scanning Resolution
  • 1280x720px for 8mm and super8
  • 1920x1080 for 16mm and 35mm
Final Edited Files
  • 1440x1080px for 8mm, super8, and 16mm,
  • 1620x1080px for 35mm
  • 480p SD
  • 720p or 1080p by customer choice
Review Process:
Digitize any sound-on-film at no extra cost Additional fee, & services vary
Review Process:
  • Film is manually inspected, cleaned, spliced and put on a new reel if necessary, prior to processing
  • Simple repairs will be handled for you at no additional charge.
Additional fee, & services vary
Review Process:
Frame Sizing & Review
Manual full frame (HD) scan adjustments to give you the maximum amount of image Automated services generally make all images the exact same size and crop.
Review Process:
Color Correction
  • Scene-by-scene color correction, tailored to each scene
  • Color and exposure balancing
Typical Options:
  • no color correction or
  • "one-light" color correction (correcting the full reel based on the first few minutes)
Review Process:
Playback Speed Adjustments
  • Technicians manually adjust the film for speed, then review it,and adjust again
  • Technicians continue this process until the playback speed is optimized
  • Automated services estimate speed adjustment based on what type of movie film you have
  • Some use interlacing techniques
  • Some competitors do not compensate for film speed variance
Processing & Safe Handling Customer film cared for by hand from start to finish in our state of the art processing facility in Indianapolis, IN.
24/7 Security
Your film is tracked at every step in the process. You can track the status online, in real time.
Sub-contract the work to an outside digitization company, potentially adding costs, turnaround time and complexity
File Formats Available MP4 standard or MP4 professional (higher bitrate), (compressed file formats and include our edits like crop, blank space removal, speed adjustments, etc) and raw MOV files upon request Varies
Delivery Options
  • USB Drive
  • Hard Drive
  • Digital Download
  • USB Drive
  • Hard Drive
  • Digital Download
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