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Movie File Scanning Price Comparison

Our approach to movie film begins with physical cleaning, then an HD scan at SD prices, and adds--at no charge--color correction and digital dust & scratch reduction, two things which are rarely available at any price. You can use the table below to see that for a typical project--1 hour of 8mm movie film--we could save you as much as $300, and still give you the best all-in quality available.

  Transfer Type Scanning Cost /Foot of Movie Film Color Correction Dust & Scratch Reduction Output to Standard DVD Total Cost
800 Feet (1 Hr)
8mm Film to Std DVD
Total Cost /Foot Custom
$1,000 safe handling guarantee
ScanCafe Standard Service HD $0.25 Free Free Free $160.00 $0.25 Free Yes
Video Conversion Experts (Platinum) HD $0.551 Free Free $49.901 $539.80 $0.61 Free No HD $0.50 Free No $25.00 $434.00 $0.51 No No
Imemories HD $0.30 Free No $14.99 $269.82 $0.32 Free No
ScanDigital (Premium Transfer) SD $0.28 No No Free $224.00 $0.28 Free No
Home Movie Depot HD $0.25 No No Free $200.00 $0.25 Free No
Video Conversion Experts (Silver) SD $0.202 No No $49.902 $209.90 $0.26 Free No
Just8mm SD $0.16 No No Free $127.20 $0.16 Free No

Non-promotional price comparisons for an order of 800 feet of 8mm film, as of 9/20/2011. Note, many services charge much more for 16mm film (ScanCafe charges one flat price for both 8mm and 16mm).

1 "Platinum" service level. Standard DVD charge is $19.95 per hour of film. The company also adds a $29.95 setup charge for each order, which we've included here in the entry for Output to Standard DVD.

2 "Silver" service level. Output to Standard DVD entry above includes $19.95 per hour (at 1 hour) and a $29.95 setup charge.

3These companies charge a higher price for the first 100 feet of film. For Walgreens, it's $24.99; for Costco, it's $19.99.