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Gift Box For Photo, Video, Movie Digitization Services

An Ideal Gift for Parents, Grandparents, Friends, Coworkers.. You name it!

How Our Gift Box Works

Delight your friends and relatives with ScanCafe's prepaid Gift Box.

At ScanCafe, we’ve designed the whole process to be as PAIN-FREE as possible!

Purchase & Receive Box
With a Gift Box, you pay in advance. We send the box for photos, videos and movies directly to the address you choose.

Fill up the Box
Your recipient fills the box up, using the instructions included, places it in the included pre-paid envelope, and drops it off at a nearby UPS store.

Enjoy & Share
About 6-8 weeks later, the originals and the completed scans will arrive directly at the address you choose when you order. There is no cost at all to your recipient!

Why Our Photo, Video, Movie Gift Box Is The Ideal Gift

  • Easy To Use : You order & pay. Your recipient just packs and ships.
  • A Beautiful Gift : Our gift box is designed for the living room, not the garage.
  • A Safe Way To Store Memories : Archival-quality materials.
  • An Outstanding Value : Nearly $230 worth of scanning, and shipping included.

At $175.99, our gift box is the easiest and most affordable way to preserve your loved ones' memories — beautifully, and forever.

Included with Your Gift Box

Original Enhanced

Any combination of up to 600 standard media photos (paper photos to 8"x10", color 35mm slides, and 35mm color negatives). Video tapes also accepted when the retail scanning value of the box's final contents are equal to 600 standard media photos scans or less.

Our standard service: manual scratch removal, color correction, cropping, re-orientation, red-eye removal, and images placed onto a DVD.

Scene-by-scene Color Correction

Standard shipping is included. Overnight delivery and 3 day shipping available at an additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hardware and software does my recipient need?
Can I log in to check on the progress of the order for my recipient?
Can I send it to my Mom, have her fill it up, and then have the completed scans sent to me?
Can the person I give the Gift Box to log in and review their scans?
Will the gift recipient be able to figure out how to use the box, even if they’ve never heard of ScanCafe?
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