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Compare our photo scanning prices   Compare our photo scanning prices

Photos Price Comparison

In addition to being lower-priced than our competitors, our handcrafted quality has been recognized as the best. Also, customers with select photo formats only in their order (35mm color slides & negatives, paper photos to 8x10) may want to use our Value Kit, priced from 25¢ per scan.

  35mm Color
Negatives at  10 MP
35mm Color
Slides at  10 MP
Prints (to 5x7) at 600 dpi Min. purchase Pay only for scans you want
ScanCafe Value Kit Value Kit $0.251 $0.251 $0.251 $165.95 No
ScanCafe Standard Service $0.35 $0.35 $0.35 None Yes
ScanDigital logo $0.69 $0.69 $0.69 None No
Fotobridge logo $0.442 $0.442 $0.292 $54.95 No
Digmypics Logo $0.54 $0.39 $0.39 None Yes

Price comparisons as of 13/06/2018.

Our standard service level is usually equivalent to the premium service level of other service providers, since ours includes high resolution and hand-scanning services for each of your photos: color correction, scratch & dust removal, red-eye removal, cropping, and re-orientation. Our price also includes organization of your scans into albums, according to the way you organize your order when you send it to us.

1 Value Kit comes with 5 options - starting from $0.25 for a minimum of 10000 scans, $0.27/scan for a minimum of 5000 scans, $0.29/scan for a minimum of 2000 scans, $0.31/scan for a minimum of 1000 scans and $0.33/scan for a minimum of 500 scans.

2 Assumes an order of 500 images.

Compare our video prices   Compare our video prices

Compare our video prices

We believe you only want to have your old video tapes digitized once, and to have it done right. That's why our technicans capture and edit them by hand, rather than running them through a machine. Yet our prices give you the best value for your money.

  Total Cost For One
2-Hr VHS Tape & DVD
Digitizing Color Correction Manual Chapterization
ScanCafe Standard Service $21.99 Included Yes Yes
Video Conversion Experts $39.90 Included $3.95 No
Fotobridge logo $25.991 Included Yes No
Imemories $19.99 $9.99 No No
ScanDigital logo $23.95 Included No No
Home Movie Depot $22.95 Included No No

Non-promotional price comparisons, as of 13/06/2018.

1 Minimum order of 5 video tapes required, for $129.95. Free return shipping included. Factoring return shipping in, the adjusted todal price per video tape would be approximately $2 less.

HD for the price of SD   HD for the price of SD

HD for the price of SD

Our approach to movie film begins with physical cleaning, then an HD scan at SD prices, and adds--at no charge--color correction and digital dust & scratch reduction, two things which are rarely available at any price. You can use the table below to see that for a typical project--1 hour of 8mm movie film--we could save you as much as $300, and still give you the best all-in quality available.

  Transfer Type Scanning Cost /Foot Color Correction Dust & Scratch Reduction Total Cost
800 Feet (1 Hr)
8mm Film to Std DVD
Total Cost /Foot
ScanCafe Standard Service HD $0.28 Free Free $224.00 $0.28
Video Conversion Experts (Platinum) HD $0.591 $0.10 $0.10 $551.90 $0.79
Imemories HD $0.26 NO $9.99 $237.98 $0.28
ScanDigital (Premium Transfer) SD $0.38 No No $304.00 $0.28
Home Movie Depot HD $0.34 No No $272.00 $0.34
Just8mm SD $0.18 No No $144.00 $0.18

Non-promotional price comparisons for an order of 800 feet of 8mm film, as of 13/06/2018. Note, many services charge much more for 16mm film (ScanCafe charges one flat price for both 8mm and 16mm).

1 "Platinum" service level. Standard DVD charge is $19.95 per hour of film. The company also adds a $29.95 setup charge for each order, which we've included here in the entry for Output to Standard DVD.

2 "Silver" service level. Output to Standard DVD entry above includes $19.95 per hour (at 1 hour) and a $29.95 setup charge.

3These companies charge a higher price for the first 100 feet of film. For Walgreens, it's $24.99; for Costco, it's $19.99.