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How Our Value Kit Works

ScanCafe in a Box. Save upto 36% vs. our à la carte service with our Value Kit, when you send us standard media only: Paper Photos (both color and B&W), 35mm Color Slides or 35mm Color Negatives.

  • 3000dpi resolution (600 dpi photos)
  • Prepay for your scans (one time payment)1
  • Shipping Kit sent to your home
  • UPS Tracked shipping & safe handling guarantee
  • Share scans on facebook
  • No review (no ability to delete scans)
  • Other media types included charged at list price

USA Express is not available with our Value Kit. Empty Value Kits are dispatched from our facility via UPS within 2-3 business days of you placing an order. You can expect to receive it in 3-5 business days from the time we dispatched it (longer if you live in Alaska or Hawaii). Media processing typically takes 3-5 weeks and return shipping takes 3-5 business days via UPS.

1 One time payment is applicable, only if std media count doesn't exceed the valuekit limitation.

* Not available for Canadian residents. Media processed in our Indianapolis facility.

ScanCafe Shipping Kit
Shipping Kit is sent to your home*
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How our Value Kit works

When you receive the ship kit from us, all you need to do is to fill the box with your photos, Standard media ie printed photos, 35mm color slides or 35mm negatives seal your kit and drop it at a UPS store or dropbox, pre-paid.

Compare ScanCafe Scanning Services
Price Per Scan
(Standard media: prints,
35mm color negatives,
35mm color slides)
28¢ - 39¢
44¢ - 57¢
Quantity Discount   Yes No
Minimum Order   Yes
(start at $194.95)
Review Process & Pay Only For What You Want Option

(20% discard)
  No Yes
Ship Kit Sent To Your Home   Yes No
USA Express Service Option
(we process most orders
in 8-10 business days)
  No Yes
Pro Options
(TIFF files for Professionals etc)
  No Yes
Digital Download   Yes Yes*
Equipment / Quality   Same Equipment
Standard Enhancement
Same Equipment
Premium Enhancement
Flat Fee Shipping   Yes No
Share on Facebook   Yes Yes
* Only JPEG files, not TIFF or video files.
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Frequently Asked Questions

» Do you scan differently on a Value Kit order?
» Can I put video tapes into my kit?
» What if I send more than the minimum images required?
» Can you return my Value Kit to someone else?
» Why does the shipping cost a flat price?
» Can I order a Value Kit if I live in Canada?
  • Value Kit Price

    • Save upto 36% vs. our à la carte service by
      ordering our Value Kit

      500 Scans     39¢     $194.95
      1000 Scans     36¢     $359.95
      2000 Scans     33¢     $659.95
      5000 Scans     30¢     $1499.95
      10000 Scans     28¢     $2799.95

      *The price as indicated is for standard media (35mm color slides, negatives and photos upto 8 X 10 only).
      If you include other media type, you will be charged as per list price.

  • Flat Fee Shipping

    Shipping Costs for Value Kit are as follows:

    • $27.45 for 500 scans.
    • $32.95 for 1000 scans.
    • $43.95 for 2000 scans.
    • $54.95 for 5000 scans.
    • $76.95 for 10000 scans.
    Unlike our à la carte service, we send you an empty box full of packing materials and a prepaid shipping label, prior to your sending your order in. Once your order is complete, your originals and USB Drive (if selected) with the scans are shipped back to your address. Shipping to and from is done via UPS tracked ground service and the delivery status of your order can be tracked online.

  • $1000 Safe Handling Guarantee

    Photo ScanningAll of our safety features add up to one thing: safety so strong that if you follow our packing tips, we guarantee it.

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