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Photo Restoration Services

Our photo restoration service is our most extensive level of digital repair, and we are acknowledged experts in photo restoration. Our advanced photo restoration techniques allow us to return nearly any photo to their former glory, even those damaged by fire, light, water, mold, pets, or children. We can also restore old photos that are faded and dulled by age.

  • Detailed repair by a skilled specialist
  • Color correction and scratch removal
  • Transformation of damaged photos
  • Amazing value, from $1.09 each. Compare at $40+ locally!

Almost any image can be restored. Contact Us today!

Damaged Photos

Time and elements are the worst enemy of photographs, especially when they haven’t been stored properly. Age alone can cause scratches, folds, tears, fading, extreme color changes, and other damage. Water damage and mold can cause the emulsion to dissolve or stick together, bleeding ink, weakening, and staining. The good news is that the negative effects of aging can be reversed through meticulous photo scanning and restorative services. As skilled experts in photo restoration, ScanCafe uses advanced picture restoration techniques that enable returning nearly any photo to its former glory, even those damaged by fire, light, water, mold, pets, or children.

Repair of Water Damage

Water damage. Repair of water-damaged photos and repair of fire-damaged photos are often related, since the water used to fight fires often damages photos. This level of damage requires experts in photo restoration.

Repair of Mold Damage

Mold damage. Common with slides and negatives, which are sometimes kept in humid environments, like basements. The photo on the right is an example of advanced photo restoration that both removed the mold damage and also restored the color balance.

Repairing Torn Photos

After we scan your photos, rips and tears are repaired by digitally filling in missing photo sections. This requires advanced photo restoration skills and in some cases, rebuilding and restoring an image pixel by pixel. At ScanCafe, professional restoration makes tears and rips magically disappear.

Photo Enhancement Services

Although most of our restoration work applies to heirloom photos that have been damaged over time, we can also "improve" images, upon request. We can whiten teeth, edit out a skin blemish, remove a person from a photo, or even place a new person into a photo. In many instances, the sky’s the limit, so simply tell us what you'd like and we'll let you know if it’s possible.

How Our Photo Restoration Process Works

Step 1: Upload damaged photos. Make sure your files are a minimum of 500K resolution, but we suggest 1MB or greater for better results.

Step 2: Submit photos for a free, no-obligation quote. This is where you can add specific comments about photos, such as enhancements you want done.

Step 3: Review our quote. At this point, you can choose to restore all or select photos that you uploaded.

Step 4: Approve our quote. After we receive your approval, one of our world-class restoration technicians will restore your photos to their former glory, which typically takes about a week.

Step 5: Download your photos. Once your restoration is complete, we’ll send you a secure link where you can download the restored image(s).

Visit our photo restoration gallery to see a few examples of photos we magically transformed from badly damaged to heirloom quality.

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