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Our quality and reliability have photography professionals singing our praises.

Award winning Travel Journalist
I am a fan of the extraordinary services that ScanCafe utilized for my Travel App.

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Authority on Image Preservation
The time and care ScanCafe devotes to color correction, digital repair & other physical damage is impressive.

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With a $1000 guarantee that you'll never need to use.

We don't leave safety to chance, which is why we may have gone overboard:
Cell Phone Updates: We are the only service that sends you prompt updates on your mobile phone with your order status.

Barcode Tracking: Your box of memories is tracked at every step in the process. You can track the status online, in real time.

Video Monitoring: The contents of your order are visually recorded before and after they are scanned, as part of a security and verification process.

Weighing: We accurately weigh your box before and after it is scanned as an additional safety measure.

What we do is breathe life into memories.

Scanning is easy. Reviving images faded by Time is not. Other places use automated image enhancement, with predictably blah results.

On every scan we do, our experienced editors, not software, make the critical choices about color, tint, and shading that bring back a photo's original sparkle. Because a good eye sees things machines just can't. Beautifying an image takes 6 times longer than it takes to scan it.

Hi-res enlargements mean you don't have to choose between clarity & size.

Since folks photograph things they care about, it's not surprising our customers always want their images to be vivid, and often want them "bigger than life".

With our 3000 dpi enlargement resolution capabilities, you can enjoy crisp, vibrant digital photos on your large-screen TV, printed on a life-size canvas, or reproduced for a stunning large-scale photo album.

And pay only for the scans you want.

Not sure which photos you want scanned? Daunted at the thought of yes, no, and maybe piles? Fret not. You can send all your pictures, then conveniently review the scans online and delete up to 20% without paying a penny.

All your originals are returned to you, and you pay only for the scanned images you want to keep.

Our value kits start at just 22¢ per scan.

Year after year, we're ranked #1 in quality. So how can we also offer the industry's best value? In a word, experience.

Because we've scanned over 85 million images, we've learned practically all there is to know about doing scanning, enhancement, and restoration not only right, but efficiently and affordably. That knowledge means savings for you.

Just fill the box and ship.

Life is full of complicated situations. This is not one of them! Fill out a quick online order form, print a pre-paid UPS label, drop your photos in a sturdy box, and ship. Remember, you don't have to agonize over which photos to send.

Our "pay only for what you want" feature lets you send everything, then decline up to 20% of the scans free of charge.

Have your photos scanned in just 10 biz days at our Indianapolis lab.

Want your scans done pronto? We can scan photos and most other media in 10 days at our Indianapolis facility for only a dime more per scan.

Our money-saving standard service takes 4-6 weeks, since we find most folks would rather wait a bit and keep the dime. But if you need your scans quicker, we can certainly deliver. Learn more about our turnaround times and processing here.


Our standard service begins at high resolutions of 3000 dpi for negatives and slides; 600 dpi for photos. Higher resolutions of 4000 dpi are also available.

Turnaround times

For those in a rush, orders are processed in our Indianapolis lab in 10–15 days for most media. 27% of our customers choose Rush service.
For those who can wait and want to save some money, our standard processing takes 4–6 weeks at our India lab. 73% of our customer choose this option. It is the same high quality on both the options. We've never lost an order at any lab.

New! We now offer Express scanning in the USA for a faster turnaround time with the same amazing quality.

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