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What Our Customers Say

"I am very pleased with the scanned results of the photos I sent in to ScanCafe. I sent over 800 40-year-old photos, and they came back clear and vibrant. I have done a lot of scanning in past years and it has taken me months upon months to achieve the professional results that you gave me in a few weeks. I am so grateful for this timely and cost-effective service. "

- J. Adams, Orem, Utah

"I was extremely happy with the results of ScanCafe's scans for my 40+ year old slides. I will be sending my remaining 3000+ slides to be scanned in the near future."

- R. S. Boyle, Colorado

Generations of family history captured in old photos and slides were brought back to life by ScanCafe. Quality service at its best.

- Joe P., Wickford, RI

Compliments directed to ScanCafe for the very good quality of your work. We have had over 2000 slides transferred so far with more to come your way. Keep up the fine work.

- Martin S., Garfield Heights, OH

I just received the CD of my slides which you put together for me, and I am thrilled! These are pictures of my once-in-a-lifetime trip to India, and it is almost the first time I have been able to see them. I will be back with more slides for you all to scan, just as soon as I get the India ones organized a little more. Thank you so much for the good work!

- Patricia B., Arlington, VA

We received our converted slides from your company and are delighted. I am very pleased with our total experience on this transaction. Everything came off as you said, as to the amount of time, the cost and the quality.

- Patricia B., Arlington, VA

I wanted to thank you for your assistance, it is a pleasure dealing with a company that stands behind their work. I will not hesitate to recommend ScanCafe to my friends.

- Liz R., Pottstown, PA

WOW!!! What a wonderful job. I do a lot of Photoshop work, so I know you all really put a lot of time into my files. My dad has had them in storage for years and your results were wonderful! I have some of my own I will be sending soon. Thank you so much!!

- Melissa L., The Woodlands, TX

Wow! What a wonderful service. You guys rock! Keep up the good work.

- Andrew D., Seattle, WA

Just received the DVD/CD and my originals. THE PICTURES ARE GREAT. It was worth every penny. If I find anymore of my negatives I'll send them to you again. GREAT JOB.

- Rhonnie L., North Bergen, NJ

I have just reviewed the on line scans and FABULOUS!!! I am more than pleased and have many more collections I will be sending in. Not much more to say - how do you beat the best!!! Thank you.

- Taylor B., Surfside, FL

I am thrilled with the results of ScanCafe's work! What a treasure they have helped me to uncover and preserve. The price is right and the quality is the best. I highly recommend them.

- Phil S., Tujunga, CA

I just viewed my uploads and made my choices. The viewing and check out were terrific. The viewing options were clearly presented and easy to maneuver when going from picture to set of pictures or to albums. I liked the different size options, making comparisons easier and more precise viewing (larger pictures) possible. It's all very intuitive.

- Joyce S., Auburndale, MA

ScanCafe was a delight to do business with, they were courteous, prompt and did exactly what we expected them to do for a very good price.

- Judith S., Leesburg, FL

I love ScanCafe and have been recommending it to everyone. The business model and the website are very neatly put together.

- DB, Lansdale, PA

I was really impressed with the thumbnails, the efficiency and above all the saving of my time. I will continue using your service to archive digitally the rest of my collection of negatives and slides. This was a brilliant idea on your part and I've been spreading the word around to my camera club and friends.

- Peter D., Potomac, MD

Estimate Video, Movie Film & Audio

Estimate the videotapes, home movie and audio footage you're sending.

Video Tapes Resolution Tapes   Unit Price   Total Price
VHS / S-VHS SD   $21.99   $0.00
VHS-C SD   $21.99   $0.00
Hi 8 SD   $21.99   $0.00
Digital 8 SD   $21.99   $0.00
Mini DV (Standard Definition Only) SD   $21.99   $0.00
BetaMax SD   $21.99   $0.00
Professional formats (Umatic, PAL, Betacam) SD   $21.99   $0.00
Digital Download
Video Delivery options          

Audio Transfer Feet   Unit Price   Total Price
Audio Tapes   $21.99   $0.00
Reel to Reel Audio   $0.28   $0.00
Digital Download
Audio Delivery options          

Movie Film (HD) Feet   Unit Price   Total Price
8mm, Super 8 calculate   $0.28   $0.00
16mm, Super 16, 35mm calculate   $0.28   $0.00
Digital Download
FILM Delivery options          
Subtotal $0.00
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Movie Film Footage Calculator


How to Measure

Place your ruler so that it runs through the center of the reel. (You are measuring the diameter, in inches.)
Measure from one end of the reel to the other, even if the reel isn’t full. (You are only charged for non-blank footage on the reel that we actually scan.)
A rough estimate is fine. If we find that your estimate is too low, we will hold your order until we can contact you.

For movie film, we charge per foot.

To estimate the movie film footage in your order, measure the size of the reels you are sending. Enter the counts below and we will estimate your footage for you

Size Qty      Feet   
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Disclaimer: This is just a ballpark calculation. The actual length of the film is calculated using this formula: Total Run Time (in minutes) x 16.67. So if you know the total run time please use this calculation.