The Captivating Story of Kodachrome

There are few photography brands as storied as Kodak. And a lot of it has to do with Kodachrome. Although the company stopped making its iconic slide film in 2009 and moved on to focus on other imaging-related lines of business, the Kodachrome saga is closely linked with the growth of photography in the latter half of the 20th century. This was when the trend of chronicling one’s life through photographs caught on. Thanks to some savvy marketing by the company, people began to seek out ‘Kodak moments’ to capture on a regular basis.

Many of the facts surrounding Kodak and Kodachrome are well-known but not all of them are.

Kodachrome film first made an appearance in the 1930s, with the movie film being produced first and the popular 35mm slide film a few years later. It wasn’t the first color film on the market but it made color photography more accessible by removing cumbersome equipment and techniques from the mix. And it helped created some wonderful images. As the authors of this article on the history of the company and its most famous product write: (more…)

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How You Can Finally Organize Your Photos in 2018

As another year draws to a close, it’s time to pull out that list of to-dos we made at the beginning of it. For 2018, we may decide not to bother with some while going after others with greater resolve. There are a few tasks, however, that always make the list but are hard to scratch off it. Organizing and taming an unruly photo collection is one such project. It always seems like a worthy goal for the new year but twelve months later, we are no closer to achieving it.

And that’s perfectly normal.

The reality is that photo organizing is a task that’s easy to postpone. Unlike taxes and laundry, it CAN be put off – without triggering IRS notices or having our clothing situation spin out of control. For the most part, our photos stay where we keep them – uncomplaining and undemanding. They don’t make life difficult for us if we forget about them for a while. (more…)

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A Few Incredible Examples of Advanced Photo Repair

We all have old black and white photographs that we want to preserve. Unfortunately, these fragile prints don’t always age well. Sometimes the damage isn’t so bad. A touch-up here, a color fix there and it can be restored to its original condition. But in cases where parts of an image are missing or where it is badly creased, it takes special editing skills to rebuild it.

This is where the specialists comes in. Advanced photo repair is a delicate art that calls for precision and attention to minute details. If basic photo restoration is like painting a building to give it a face lift, then advanced restoration is a bit like reviving an old mural on its walls. The restoration specialist magnifies the image and then uses software to fill in damaged or missing parts, pixel by painstaking pixel. (more…)

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Why You Should Digitize Your Photos This Holiday Season

It’s a project we all hope to get to some day; just not right away. We dream of a utopia in which our life’s photos are perfectly organized and digitally backed up on external hard drives and cloud sites. But sorting and scanning photos by the hundreds is not an exciting prospect for most people. Given how busy our lives are, it’s easy to see why this project remains permanently on the back burner.

But the holidays may be a perfect time to get it off that burner. This may sound outlandish if you think your to-do list for the season is already daunting enough. But we are not suggesting you have to tackle this project on your own. Allow a reliable service to take it off your hands and suddenly it will seem a lot more doable. And once you’re off the starting block, you may want to consider also digitizing negatives, VHS and 8mm tapes and all your other analog assets as well. (more…)

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Time Travel With Old Photos

Photos can age over time – becoming dull, faded or strongly tinted. But these old photos from our open archives are different. Post our photo scanning and restoration processes, the colors in these pictures are vibrant and fresh. So, they don’t look like old photos at first glance. But they contain plenty of other elements that point to their vintage. In fact, those who want to play photo sleuth can zoom in on details (car models, for example) to try and figure out when they were taken.

The images capture everyday moments that are steeped in the mystique of the past. We may not know the people in them but we feel a connection to their lives and stories. And we feel drawn to use all the clues in the frame – people, clothing, backdrop, cars – to try and fill in these stories for ourselves. (more…)

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