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Pair of Hands

After tens of millions of scanned and repaired images, we've learned one great big thing: to do it right, it has to be done by hand. learn more »

Our Quality


It all begins with resolution

While we do think it's critical to repair images we scan by hand, it's also true that we have to start with a scanned image that shows detail and allows enlargements. learn more »

color correction

Color correction: Where the color hits the road

Since your old photos almost certainly have changed color over time, color correction is critical to making sure your images look brand new. But it has to be done by hand. learn more »

scratch removal

The miracle of scratch removal

We remove scratches from your images, but it can't be done well without doing it — you guessed it — by hand. learn more »

redeye removal

Getting the red out

As a free added service, we remove the red-eye from photos, by hand. You don't want your grandchildren to think peoples' eyes were red way back when! learn more »

UPS label

Why your images are safe with us

Read more about how we handle your photos, and you won't be surprised to learn that we guarantee it with the only cash guarantee in the business. learn more »

  • A Review of Our Quality

    pop photography
    “Using my wife's credit card and name (not Owens), I registered...then I stuffed 365 sleeved slides into a box. Pulled from my attic, these slides were Kodachrome, Ektachrome, and Agfachrome from the early 1970s to mid 1990s. Some were pristine, others fairly dirty.

    The attention to detail was impressive. And so were the scans. JPEGs averaging 2700KB, there were at least as good as I would have done. And the dust and dirt that marred some of the original slides were gone in the files...In all, I'm a believer.”

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  • Our Quality, Compared

    "I am a full time professional photographer for 17 years. I recently sent an equal amount of slides to both ScanCafe, and a major USA competitor.

    The scans came back from Scan Cafe, and every single one of them was 100% perfect. 20% of the scans from the competitor were completely unusable, and 50% of them required adjusting in Photoshop.

    ...I was so pleased with the ScanCafe work that I am sending 900 slides in the mail to them tomorrow."

    - Brian S., Baltimore MD (July 2007)

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