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Safety and quality

Safety Icon All of our safety features add up to one thing: safety so strong that if you follow our packing tips, we guarantee it.

At ScanCafe, before we scanned the first photo back in 2006, we decided to organize our service around two key things. One was, as you'll know by now, the importance of being able to scan and repair images by hand. That's what enables us to deliver such high-quality images.

Safety is another word for quality

But the second key feature we designed in from the start was the safety of your images. Parting with your precious memories, even if it's just to a store nearby, is not something anybody does lightly. So we have designed our service to be amazingly safe — and to let you know exactly where your images are, at any time, so you know it's safe.

Ten reasons your memories are safe with us

Cardboard Box UPS label gaylord You send your order in a sturdy box, and we put it into a larger, sturdier one so that it gets to our scanning facility safely.

1. We require that you use a box.
A sturdy box is the foundation of the safety of your images. Envelopes, even padded ones, do not protect your images adequately. If in doubt about the box you want to use, buy a ScanCafe Value Kit for yourself.

2. Door-to-door package tracking.
When you place your order, you'll print 3 copies of a customized, bar-coded UPS shipping label, one of which goes on the outside of your box. That box's bar code is scanned every time your box changes location, and allows us to show you where you box is.

3. Incredibly safe shipping.
Once we receive your order in our receiving facility in Indianapolis, IN, we log it and wrap it in heavy-duty plastic bin. Then depending upon whether you chose Express Scanning (8-10 business days in the USA) or Standard Scanning (typically 4-6 weeks), your order is put in the appropriate queue at our Indianapolis scanning facility. While in our world-class facility, all orders are tracked throughout the process with unique shelf locations, barcodes and are under surveillance 24 hours a day. Rest assured that your memories are safe with our team in the central United States.

4. Shelf-to-shelf tracking.
Our bar-coding system not only tells you where your order is in its process, it also tells us where your order is inside our scanning facility. For example, when it's at our scanning facility, we know at all times which shelf it's sitting on, if it's in queue to be scanned, or what scanning station it's at, if it's in process.

5. Video surveillance anytime your box is opened.
Anytime your order is opened, or the shipping container holding it is opened, there's always a ScanCafe operations person on hand making sure, with a video camera, that your order is treated properly. This is also particularly handy when we open your order so that its contents can be accurately counted.


6. Strict monitoring of your order.
When our scanning facility receives your order, it's weighed, down to the gram, and entered into a database where the original measurement cannot be modified. When your order is completed, it's put back into its original box and weighed. If it's off by more than a gram from the original weighing stored in the database, our entire quality assurance team sets upon the problem until the issue is resolved.

Scancafe India USA Scanning Facility,

7. A leading-edge scanning facility.
We are the global leader in scanning and our scanning facility is the world's largest. Access to the facility is closely controlled and under video surveillance by more than 50 high definition cameras just as they would at a bank. It's also monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

8. One order, one workstation.
We believe strongly that safety (and general quality for scanning & repair) is improved when one and only one workstation handles your order. For example, if your order includes both slides and print photos, we don't send your slides to a "slides" workstation and your prints to a "prints" workstation. Instead, they are all handled by one workstation, which does nothing else except your order until your order is done. In our experience, this prevents a number of important problems from ever happening.

ScanCafe India at work

9. Two levels of Quality Assurance.
Our scanning & repair process requires not just one level of QA, but a second one as well. Standard checks include both the technical quality of the scanning and repairing, but also making sure that any special instructions you've given us are followed to the letter.

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    500We have over 250 workstations and 500 employees across our facilities in the USA, EU and Asia — to our knowledge, the world's largest scanning company.

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    "I got my pictures and CD back last week - ScanCafe delivers on everything it promises! Great system all the way through - very easy to send everything in, the regular progress updates and online progress chart give much-needed reassurance to those of us who have entrusted you with priceless and irreplaceable photos, and the final result is exactly as promised. I got all of my pictures back unharmed, the DVD was organized into folders just as I had requested, and you easily saved me 20-30 hours of work scanning these in myself.

    Great job, worth every penny, and I will be promoting your service to friends and family. Thanks guys, and best wishes for all the success you deserve for putting together such a great service!! "

    - Kevin H, Yardley PA (Feb 2008)

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