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You're not the only person who's noticed that we have the best quality for the money. It's because all our scanning includes a raft of image corrections, done by hand.

Scanning Price Details

Standard Color Photo Media


À la carte

35mm negative35mm Color Negative (per image, not per strip)
3000 dpi
10 MP
$0.33 $0.22
icon35mm Color Slide
3000 dpi
10 MP
$0.33 $0.22
iconPaper Photo (up to 8x10 / color / B&W)
600 dpi
28.8 MP
$0.33 $0.22
*Minimum purchase of $144.95 required. More details, click here.
Movie Film Resolution Price Per Foot
iconMovie Film (8mm, Super 8, 16mm, & Super 16) SD, HD1 $0.25
Video Tapes Resolution Price Per Tape
icon Video (VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, Hi8, Digital 8, MiniDV) SD $19.99
icon Additional Photo DVD Set (per disc)
  $7.95 / disc
icon Additional Photo CD Set (per disc)   $3.95 / disc
icon Additional Video DVD Set (per disc)   $8.95 / disc
icon Paper photos in album (add’l surcharge)   $0.00 / album
icon Slides in carousel (add’l surcharge)   $4.95 / carousel
SPECIAL PHOTO MEDIA Resolution Price Per Image
icon35mm Negative/Slide, B&W (per image) 3000 dpi $0.79
icon110/126/127 Slides/Negatives, Color 3000 dpi $0.99
iconAPS (price is per image) 3000 dpi $0.59
iconDocuments & Large Photos (to 11" x 14") 600 dpi $0.99
iconMedium Format Negs./Slides, Color (120/220) 3000 dpi $1.39
iconMedium Format Negs., B&W (120/220) 3000 dpi $2.49
iconLarge Format 4x5, Color (4"x5", 4"x6") 3000 dpi $3.49
iconLarge Format 8x10, Color (8" x 10") 3000 dpi $6.99
Files saved in TIFF format (processed image)   $0.24 / scan extra
Pro Resolution (film: 4000 dpi / print: 1200 dpi)   $0.14 / scan extra
Pro Library (TIFF raw scan, no processing & JPEG processed image) $0.34 / scan extra
Portable USB Hard Drive   $99.95
10-Business Day Guaranteed USA Express

Scans are scanned in our US Hayward (CA) facility and available for digital download in 10 business days from the time we receive your originals (good for orders of 1000 images or less, standard media only). For special media, video and mixed media orders please go through the order form to get precise time & cost estimate.

For USA Express Orders, originals & DVD/HDD will be dispatched via UPS within 72hrs from final checkout.

$0.12 / scan extra
for std. color media
1 High-definition scans are delivered on Blue-Ray discs (at an additional cost) by default. No DVDs will be recorded.    Delivery on portable hard drive as editable files (MPEG4) is also available for an extra charge.
  • Value kit as low as $0.22 Per Scan

    "Not in a hurry? Have only standard media? Don't need our Pay for What You Want feature? Our Value Kit, starting with 500 scans, is
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  • Great Prices for 35mm Negatives

    comparisonEven though our quality is the best in the industry, our prices are far below comparable services.
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  • Pay for What You Keep

    With ScanCafe, you'll review your photo scans before you settle your bill. You can delete up to 20% of them, no questions asked.
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  • Pulitzer Prize Winner

    We count hundreds of working photographers among our customers, including the legendary David Hume Kennerly, Pulitzer Prize winner, who has joined our Advisory Board.
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