Your memories are safe in the clouds.

Our integration with Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive gives you the option to safely backup your scans and access them from anywhere and on any computer, iOS or Android device.

cloud storage

Peace of mind

Saving the images you have scanned to Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox or Google Drive ensures that they are safe forever and accessible from anywhere, and on any device. Once your scanned images are backed up on any of these popular services, you will be able to view them on any of your mobile and tablet devices (iOS, Android, Microsoft mobile, Kindle fire) as well as on your computer (Windows or Mac). These applications can be used to privately share individual photos or entire albums with your friends and family as well as organize them in the way you wish. They also provide you the options to back up your latest digital photos to the same account, so that you never lose a photo again.

After completing the checkout of your order, you will be offered the option to select between Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive. You will then be asked to provide your credentials and authorize ScanCafe to access your account so that your digital files can be transferred. If you don't yet have an account with the provider you selected, you will have the option to create an account. If you do not wish to save your scanned images to one of these cloud storage providers you don't have to, and can skip this option. To learn more about the services and how they are specifically integrated, you can have a look at the dedicated pages that we have for Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Once you have granted access to your account, your images* will be uploaded into it and organized in exactly the same way as in your ScanCafe account. Once the process is complete you will be notified.

*At the moment we only upload JPEG files to the cloud. If you had opted for TIFF files, it'll be converted to JPEG before uploading to the cloud. TIFF files will only be delivered on the DVD / Flash Drive / Hard Drive.

Cloud upload service is not applicable for Value kits , Gift Box, Restoration, and Video Scanning.


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