Thinking of Mom With Love and Gratitude

After this ScanCafe customer got some old slides scanned recently, she was struck by the simple beauty of the life her mom – along with her dad – had created for their children. Here are some photos and a moving message from her…

I had sent some slides to ScanCafe in preparation for a photo tribute and a celebration of mom’s life. I had seen most before, but seeing them again in better quality and in reflection of a long life well-lived carried new meaning. We’ve reminisced on the wonderful family life we “had”, but these old slides showed me the glorious life our parents “built” for their family.

I saw a young couple, newly married, in their first home, creating a beautiful yard for their future children to play in, hosting their elders for holiday gatherings with lovely and simple decorations, and posing for each other in the special moments of the day. I saw a pregnant young mother with that sweet smile we remember so well, and grandparents and aunties gathered around a new baby. I saw glimpses of daily life – with mom cooking meals and gardening; big life moments and events; and old friends. These images of my beautiful mom are a treasure, especially on this Mother’s Day.