Six Outstanding Examples of Restoration on Old Photos

Most of us assume that our old photographs are safe if they are boxed up and stored somewhere in the house. But that’s not always true. Physical photos that are crammed together in boxes are still prone to rips and scratches, as well as mold (if they are stored in a humid environment such as a wet basement). Sometimes, the very frames and albums that we use to display these memories can be damaging. Photos can fade rapidly with exposure to light and it’s not easy to remove them from albums or frames without ripping them. But as fragile as old photos are, the good news is that we can scan them and then work on the digitized photos to reverse the effects of time and other elements.

The examples below will give you a sense for how expert photo restoration can be used to correct for fading, color shifts, rips, tears, stains and other blemishes that creep into photos over time. At the end, we are left with a set of beautifully restored photos and we can then focus on the subjects and the special moments captured in them, rather than the defects.

Fading and several fine scratches made this old family portrait appear dull and washed out. Color correction and detailed scratch removal make this photo come alive again with the right amount of contrast and newly vibrant colors.

photo restoration

This beautifully intimate shot was marred by long scratches running along the faces of the couple. There was also a certain amount of fading due to the age of the photograph. With restoration and color enhancement, the photo was transformed into a wonderful keepsake.

A wedding photo is a memento that nobody wants to risk losing. Skilled photo restoration helped erase the blemishes from this special memory, redirecting our attention to the smiling couple in it.

This is another priceless memory that was marred by blotches of yellow and brown. A photo restoration expert meticulously worked on it to remove these and make the memory shine again.

Photos affected by moisture or water often stick together and then have to be pried apart. As a result, they develop white water spots such as in the photo below. Skilled photo restoration comes in do its magic again here, to yield a vibrant memento of childhood.

Deep creases and folds spoilt this otherwise wonderful portrait of a young family. Since the creases pretty much covered the entire photo, it took several hours of detailed restoration at the pixel level to transform it into the frame-worthy keepsake we see below (right).