Rediscovering a Buried Record of Childhood

After ScanCafe customer Leslie M. got old photos of their children digitized, it brought back sweet memories of their growing up years that had been buried for a while.

These photos are of our four children who are now grown with children of their own. Our daughter was born in 1970 and a son came along in 1973. The twins were born in 1974 as an added bonus! There are sets of twins in both our extended families. And my paternal grandmother gave birth to triplets more than 80 years ago, which caused quite a stir at the time.

Life was always exciting and eventful with four little ones so close in age. Our oldest daughter maintained her “independence” as best she could, demanding to know “how many babies are you bringing home?” when her youngest sister came home from the hospital. The younger three were always up to something. Even today, the four siblings remain close and enjoy spending time together.

We didn’t have time to record everything in traditional “baby books” but we tried to take photos, especially around holidays and birthdays. Taking photos was a way to focus on each child and his/her uniqueness. At the time, 35mm slides were popular and so that was our medium. However, as time went by, we were unable to look back at those photos without investing time and money in slide trays and projectors. It was a hassle and the quality of the slides was deteriorating. Having them digitized has made them accessible to share with our growing family which now totals 17, including spouses and grandchildren. We have had such fun reliving these moments. I am working on photo albums for each of our four children so that they have a catalog of memories from their childhood. And we will have the complete collection for years to come.

Leslie McMillan's Children

Leslie McMillan's Children About 40 Years Ago

Leslie McMillan's Children's Discovered Momories

Leslie McMillan's Children's Pictures

Leslie McMillan's Children

Leslie McMillan's Children