Our Top Picks for Graduation Photo Gifts

As June rolls in every year, we gear up for graduation ceremonies and the official start of summer. This makes it one of the most anticipated months of the year. If you have a young person in your life – particularly a child or grandchild – ready to graduate from high school or college, it’s an exciting time for both them and you.

As Dr Seuss said (in the way that only he can):

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”

But the occasion also creates a dilemma of sorts. What’s a good gift for a newly minted graduate? One that they will want to hang onto in the years to come? Sure, there’s no shortage of ideas on various gifting sites – from jewelry and bags to desk organizers and dorm room accessories. Still, at the end of the day (or at the end of four years of college), a personalized photo gift is a classic and thoughtful way to recognize your young grad’s efforts.

We checked to see what photo gift ideas are out there to mark this special milestone. Here are a few of our favorites:

A memory book: Although it may seem like a daunting project at first glance, making a photo book for your special grad is actually less difficult than you think. Just gather your favorite photos of them from across a few different sources – instagram, iCloud, your phone and more. Mix in digital images of any other souvenirs from their school years – artwork, tickets, passes, etc. An online photo book service can help you put it all together in a winning layout. Throw in titles and a few fun captions and you have the perfect gift ready to be delivered.

Source: shutterfly.com

Framed with a message: A photo book may be perfect, but a beautifully framed print of the young grad is not too far down on the list of great keepsake gifts. And when it includes an eye-catching and inspiring quote (like in the sample below), it’s guaranteed to be a winner. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to something like this in the morning? Your grad is sure to appreciate this one.

Photo Frame
Source: Via etsy.com

A cup of joe…with memories on the side: While a coffee mug may not seem like the world’s most creative gift, it’s a great option for a young person headed to college or out into the real world. What it may lack in originality, it more than makes up in utilitarian value. With the right mix of pictures and captions, it’ll make your grad smile every time they reach for their morning cuppa.

Coffee mug
Source: shutterfly.com

A frame full of fun: This quirky frame, complete with a tassel and a whimsical caption, will delight your grad as they pull it out from under the giftwrap. Slip a nice graduation portrait into it and it will become a bookshelf accessory for the long haul.

Photo Frame
Source: Via gifts.com

A little bit of ‘Then and Now’ magic: Who can resist the emotional draw of perfectly paired ‘then and now’ photographs. And when they are presented in a twin frame like the one below, it’s a keepsake likely to be treasured forever.

Photo frame
Source: Via personalcreations.com

Clip ‘n play photo holder (with a message too): We loved this pallet style picture holder for its striking simplicity. The painted and personalized message at the top makes it a standout piece. Just clip on a few select pictures of your grad and present to to them -ideally wrapped in recycled paper in earthy hues. They will be thrilled to have such a great display piece for their dorm room or studio apartment. The best part is that they can easily swap out the pictures every so often to keep things interesting.

Photo frame
Source: Via gifts.com

So, if you haven’t picked up the perfect graduation gift yet, there’s no need to fret. Armed with one or more of your grad’s photos, you can easily order one of these beautiful keepsakes for them. Or check out gift sites for other similar ideas. No matter what you pick, a photo gift is a great way to convey to your grad how proud you are of them.