Five Great Ways to Display Your Travel Photos

Summertime means pool parties, barbecues and for the lucky ones among us — travel! If you have managed a getaway this summer, it would be a shame to have your beautiful travel photos just sitting on your phone. Getting them out and placing them where you and others can view them easily is one way to keep those wonderful memories alive in your mind. Even in the digital era, the best way to do that is through eye-catching physical photo displays.

We scoured some DIY sites for ideas and shortlisted a few of our favorite ways to display travel photos:

Timeless photo books:

This is a classic and foolproof way to showcase your best travel shots. And with so many photo book services available these days, creating one is relatively easy and painless. All you have to do is take your photos from a recent trip and upload them to one of these photo book sites and sit back while they work their magic. You can store these colorful photo chronicles within easy reach on a living room bookshelf or coffee table. Now whether you have traveled to Portland, Portugal, Patagonia or any other destination this summer, you can relive those experiences by simply flipping through a beautiful book.

Timeless photo books - Via
Image source: Via

If walls could speak…

…and you’ll find they almost can if you dedicate a wall or two to photos from your getaways. A loft is an ideal space for a travel gallery but any plain and wide wall in the house will work for this purpose. Try using an eclectic set of frames and look for interesting ways to display assorted travel memorabilia. You can paste an old map over stretched canvas, for example. Or use scrap wood to make DIY place signs. A shadowbox is another great way to frame souvenirs, shells or other knickknacks you’ve picked up on the road. Your imagination and creativity are the limit when it comes to putting together an arrangement that will make visitors stop for a closer look at your travel story.

Wall-Art - Via pinterest
Image source: Via pinterest

Rotating coffee table displays

If you already own or can acquire a coffee table with a glass topped box as the main surface, you can’t find a more versatile piece of furniture than that. On most days, it works perfectly to plop drinks or snacks on. But it’s also ideal for displaying photos, especially travel-related ones. You can spread your photos from a recent trip under the glass top, interspersing them with other related artefacts – pretty shells, keychains, pressed pennies and more. And if you are the kind of person who relishes change, it’s easy to swap the display out on a regular basis to spotlight different destinations and themes from your travels. You can choose to focus on coasts and beaches one month, hiking and wilderness trips the next, and city sights and experiences in yet another month.

Rotating Coffee Table Displays - Image source: Design Aglow (via
Image source: Design Aglow (via

Box ’em up:

This is an offbeat but terrific way to store and easily pull up your travel memories. Anyone can try this simple DIY project from the Martha Stewart site. It essentially consists of a wooden keepsake box to house collectibles, souvenirs and photos from each of your trips. With some paint, stencils and a little bit of time, any plain wooden box can be transformed into a beautiful keepsake box that you’ll enjoy opening and going through.

Image source - Kate Mathis via
Image source – Kate Mathis (via

Strung together:

There are plenty of other easy and fun ways to display vacation shots. Here’s a good one to try on a rainy afternoon. Take a set of travel photos and print them to look like polaroids. You can then add captions with a marker and string them across a wall or space. The combination of photos with a vintage feel, string and clothespins in this whimsical display is guaranteed to make you smile.

Strung together
Image source: Getty images/Thinkstock (Via

Rescue your travel photos from your phone or other device and try one or more of these creative ideas on them. You’ll be happy you did.