Five Creative Photo Craft Ideas for the Easter Weekend

A long weekend, especially one with a long tradition of painting eggs, is a good time to spend on a craft activity. This time around, how about focusing your creativity on your photos and finding some new and unusual ways to display them around your home?

We all take hundreds of photos on a regular basis but most of us don’t get a chance to print them out to enjoy them. This photo craft activity is a chance to rescue our digital pictures from oblivion on our phones or other devices. It also allows us to take old photos that we have scanned and digitized and print them out in more optimal sizes and with interesting effects for display.

But is sticking these photos in a frame the best we can do for them? Although an eclectic set of frames is still a great way to show off our photos, there are also more innovative ways to do the same. You can use jars, wood, twine and other items in your house to create fun, whimsical and easily swappable arrangements of your photos.

We checked to see what a few DIY experts are doing with their photos and found tons of creative ideas out there. Here are a few to inspire you this weekend:

Photo in a vintage jar

Old black and whites placed inside a set of frosted mason jars make for a beautifully throwback display that you can quickly arrange on a shelf or console table. Check out this site for instructions to pull this off.

Postcards on wood

This project is definitely worth a trip to your local craft store for some paint and a few square wood blocks. All you then have to do is take your favorite travel photos and make square prints of them to paste onto the painted blocks. The results are sure to be completely worth the effort. Visit this site for a how-to.


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I made this project two years ago and still love it! Full tutorial in the archives 💖🌴

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DIY chalkboard frame

This one features a traditional frame but with a delightful twist. Chalkboard paint helps to transform the framed part into a canvas onto which you can velcro your photos. Then just summon the chalkboard artist in you to throw in fun frames and captions for a colorful and free-spirited photo display.

For details on how to do this, visit this site.


Source: Pillar Box Blue

Clothespin picture hanger

This is another project that doesn’t call for too many supplies and promises to be a lot more fun than doing laundry. A clothespin picture hanger is the perfect home for photos that you want to put up quickly and possibly replace in a couple of months. Here is how you can do this project, along with a few tips on enhancing and adding effects to your pictures on Photoshop.


Upcycled photo display

A thrift store find (e.g. an old door or window) or an item lying in the corner of your garage can acquire a completely new avatar as a photo display holder. We loved this example of an old box spring that was completely transformed with some mini-clothespins and a little bit of creative vision. So, look around your house to see what mundane household item you can potentially upcycle into a vibrant piece that you will want to display prominently in your home.

Source: Allen Mowery Photography (via Shutterfly)