Six Wonderful Examples of Old Photo Restoration

Here’s some advice: if you just have an hour and are looking for an activity to fill it, don’t pull out a box of old family photos. Why? Because photos have a way of sucking us into a world from which it’s hard to return quickly. To go through a collection of old family photographs is to slip into a time machine and travel back to see people, moments and stories from the past. It’s just not something you can rush.

The only thing that sometimes gets in the way of this nostalgia getaway is the fact that some of the photographs may be damaged from years of being boxed up or stuck in corrosive photo albums. They could be scratched, ripped or discolored as a result, leaving you to figure out how best to salvage these precious but fragile memories.

The good news is that it’s possible to fix them through advanced old photo restoration. Armed with Photoshop, our experienced restoration specialists have been able to put the shine back on many damaged customer photos.

Here are a few stunning examples from our archives…

This old black and white had acquired a reddish brown color cast over time, with exposure to light. A bit of TLC from our team helps to fix that and restore the color balance in the final image.

Photo Restoration

The distracting brown smudges across this photo were carefully erased. Now we can focus on the striking subject of the photo rather than the unsightly stains.

Old Photo Restoration

Water damage to this photo resulted in a white patch across the top of it. With that gone, the photo regains its original vitality and perspective.

Advanced Photo Repair

Creases and tears take away from this sweet portrait of childhood. In the ‘after’ picture, there is no trace of these blemishes.

Digitize Photos

This smiling portrait was marred by what appeared to be mildew spots. It looks newly vibrant again following some careful restoration.

Photo Retouching

Spots and fading ruined what was otherwise a wonderful photograph of two brothers. Following a round of cleanup, it emerged looking like new again.

Photo Editing