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VHS enjoyed surprising longevity for nearly 40 years, before the last remaining VCR/VHS factory was shuttered in 2016. For anyone who grew up in the 1980s–1990s and their parents, VHS afforded a love of film and television shows. Just looking at the colorful cases of Disney classics and other favorites can evoke powerful feelings of nostalgia.

It’s reassuring to know that all those beloved VHS tapes don’t need to collect dust in a dark corner of your basement – you can relive wonderful memories by digitizing them yourself or using a VHS conversion service. Keep in mind that VHS tapes can get damaged from both lack of use or overuse. With that said, in order to preserve precious memories, your best bet is to convert VHS to digital sooner rather than later.

What Sets Our VHS to Digital Transfer Service Apart?

If you’re looking to transfer VHS to digital, you’ve come to the right place! ScanCafe provides an analog video to digital transfer service with award-winning quality and guaranteed safety at industry-beating prices. Moreover, when you send your VHS tapes to us, they aren’t outsourced to another country. All services are performed at our state-of-the-lab in the USA. When you choose ScanCafe to digitize your nostalgic VHS tapes, you’ll be delighted to see that the final output is often better than the original.

Safety Measures for VHS to Digital Service

After your order is received at our facility, each tape is barcoded with a unique identification number. A technician enters a title for the tape using information found on the label, then transfers the same title to the digital format. The tape is captured and encoded using proprietary software that analyzes the video and removes any blank footage. In addition, we’ll try to repair damaged video cassettes – without any extra charge.At ScanCafe, we’ve pioneered additional industry best practices to ensure your precious memories stay safe – door to door.

  • 60 high definition surveillance cameras cover the entire property
  • When your order arrives, we record the package being opened and retain this video
  • We weigh your items to the gram
  • During the entire scanning process, surveillance video is captured and retained
  • Prior to your order leaving the building, your items are weighed to the gram and compared to the arrival weight
  • We capture packing up your items on video and retain it
  • Your scanned files are retained on our servers for a period of time after your package has shipped

How Converting VHS to Digital Works

Pain-Free VHS to Digital Conversion Process



All you need to do is ship your VHS tapes to us and we’ll take care of the rest for you.


ScanCafe's Technicians

Your videos will be digitized at our Indianapolis lab, with a 3–4 week turnaround.


Enjoy & Share

The end result is memories safely transferred from VHS tapes to your choice of a digital download or USB drive.

VHS Transfer Delivery Options

Our standard delivery method is a digital download with a link that is active for a full 30 days from the time of "Checkout". Please note that if you wish to continue downloading content after 30 days, you will need to opt into our Subscription Service. Otherwise, our servers will automatically remove your access after 30 days.

Additional options include:

  • USB Drive
  • Minimally compressed H.264/MPEG-4 Files onto an HDD (great if you’d like to edit the footage further with a video editing software!)

Digitizing VHS tapes is a wonderful way to embrace nostalgia. At ScanCafe, we take care of the heavy lifting – all you need to do is gather your family and friends, break out your favorite refreshments, and enjoy a magical trip down memory lane.

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FAQs on VHS to Digital Service

With the digital download option, customers are able to review the footage prior to receiving their originals back. We have had several cases where the customer has paid for their order and reviewed the files online and discovered issues with the transfer prior to the order leaving the building. They are still unable to delete any footage.

In order to get the best possible quality while editing, we suggest selecting the Uncompressed H.264/MPEG-4 Files option. This provides you with a much higher bit rate than the compressed file.

We retain the compressed version of your digitized video for a period after your order is completed and shipped to you. That allows us to make additional copies in case there are delays or difficulties in transit.

However, we recommend that if you would like duplicate copies, that you make those requests that the time that you place your order.

The video resolution is 720x480 , film resolution for USB drives is 1280x720.

ScanCafe offers industry-beating prices for VHS to digital transfer services. We provide a range of options to suit different needs and budgets. The cost will depend on factors such as the number of tapes you have and the delivery method you choose. We encourage customers to visit our website or contact our customer service for a personalized quote.

We understand the importance of preserving precious memories. Our goal is to provide a timely and efficient VHS to digital conversion process. Our technicians work diligently at our state-of-the-art lab in Indianapolis to ensure a turnaround time of 3-4 weeks. We prioritize quality and accuracy in every step of the process to deliver the best results possible.