Gift Box For Photo, Video, Movie Digitization Services

An Ideal Gift for Parents, Grandparents, Friends, Coworkers.. You name it!

Gift Cards

Good for around 200 Scans

Gift Cards

Good for around 750 Scans

Gift Cards

Good for around 1500 Scans

How Our Gift Box Works

Delight your friends and relatives with ScanCafe's prepaid Gift Box.

At ScanCafe, we’ve designed the whole process to be as PAIN-FREE as possible!

Gift Box

Purchase & Receive Box

With a Gift Box, you pay in advance. We send the box for photos, videos and movies directly to the address you choose.

Gift Box
Gift Box

Fill up the Box

Your recipient fills the box up, using the instructions included, places it in the included pre-paid envelope, and drops it off at a nearby UPS store.

Gift Box
Gift Box

Enjoy & Share

About 6-8 weeks later, the originals and the completed scans will arrive directly at the address you choose when you order. There is no cost at all to your recipient!

Why Our Photo, Video, Movie Gift Box Is The Ideal Gift

  • Easy To Use : You order & pay. Your recipient just packs and ships.
  • A Beautiful Gift : Our gift box is designed for the living room, not the garage.
  • A Safe Way To Store Memories : Archival-quality materials.

Included with Your Gift Box


Gift Box

Any combination of standard media (paper photos up to 8x10", 35mm slides, and 35mm negatives). Videotapes are also accepted if the retail scanning value of the box's final contents is equal to the cost of the GiftBox level you ordered. If the retail scanning value of the box's final contents exceeds the cost of the GiftBox ordered, ScanCafe will provide an invoice for the amount due.

Gift Box

Our standard service: manual scratch removal, color correction, cropping, re-orientation, red-eye removal. Digital Download or USB thumb drives are available for an additional cost.

Gift Box

Standard shipping is included. Overnight delivery and 3 day shipping available at an additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will send status updates by email to you and your gift box recipient, and you or your recipient can call in at any time and check status.

Yes, you can. When you order, you can specify an a recipient for the empty box, and a Return recipient (for when the box is full of the originals and the completed scans). The empty box recipient and the Return recipient may be different people.

No, they can’t. The Gift Box is really intended for people who are not comfortable using the internet, so we don’t require creating a normal user account for them on our site. However, if you specify their email as the email where tracking status emails go to, they will be able to view their scans online once the order is complete, as well as share their scanned photos with others.

Instructions are printed, with diagrams, on the inside of the lid. (There’s also a gift card indicating the gift is from you). Your recipient simply needs to fill the containers provided, slide the Gift Box into the prepaid envelope included inside the box, and drop it off at nearby UPS store. We even include some Styrofoam “peanuts” to help fill the box and prevent the recipient’s originals from sliding around. They can always call us for help—the phone number for ScanCafe customer support is also on the inside of the lid.