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We are the world leader in photo, slide, negative and video scanning. We have scanned over 150 Million images, videos and movie film in our scanning labs across the world. We serve the entire North American region and our digitization labs is in Indianapolis (USA).

We have more than 500 employees across the world. These are professionals who operate high-tech scanners, edit and enhance photos, slides, negatives, video tapes and movie film. To provide you with the highest quality, we have the largest workforce because we are the only company that manually cleans and digitally enhances every photo, video and movie film that is scanned and digitized.

Processing Time*   8 - 10 Business days 4 - 6 weeks
Total Price
(standard media: photos,
35mm negatives,
35mm slides)
(28% chose this option)
(72% chose this option)
Best Value Guarantee   Yes Yes
Scanning Labs  
USA Scanning Lab
Indianapolis, IN

USA Scanning Lab
Indianapolis, IN

Safe Handling   $1000 Guarantee $1000 Guarantee
Total Scans Produced   40 Million Scans 110 Million Scans
24/7 Security   Yes Yes
Workforce   100+ Technicians 100+ Technicians
The best part is: whichever option you choose, you get the highest quality and the best value in the industry.
*Processing time is calculated from the day your order is received at our Indianapolis facility to the day we post your scans for online review. The number of days indicated here is good for 1000 or less standard photo media (without pro-options),
10 tapes and 1000 feet of film. To get precise time estimate for the USA Express service go through the order form. Get Started »

How fast do you want your scans?

The choice is really yours and depends upon how fast you want them. For 25 cents/photo, we'll process your standard media in 4-6 weeks and send the DVD along with the originals back to you in 2-3 weeks from checkout. It is likely that your old photos and videos have been sitting in a closet, shoe box or an album for more than 10 years... what's another month?. However, if you want them sooner, we can process the standard media in 8-10 business days* for 50cents/scan and send the DVD along with the originals back to you in a week from checkout. If it helps you to know, 72% of our customers preferred to save some money and chose 6 week process time whereas 28% of our customer chose the express 8-10 business day service. For more details on pricing for other media types click here.

One World Class Scanning Facility for Your Memories

We physically scan all photos, slides, negatives, video tapes and movie film in US facility centrally located in Indianapolis, IN. We provide you with the flexibility to choose how fast you want your scans processed. Our "Express" scanning is ideal for customers who want their scans processed in 8-10 business days* whereas our USA Standard scanning option is ideal for customers who are willing to wait longer (6 weeks*) but want some additional savings – the quality of the scans and photo enhancement we offer is the same regardless of the processing speed chosen. We have scanned more than 150 Million images in our 10+ year company history. Our scanning facility is world-class with the highest end equipment, 24x7 security, surveillance and climate control. Our shipping procedures and safety record is impeccable and we have never lost an order at our scanning lab in Indianapolis – which is how we are able to offer a $1,000 safe handling guarantee.

Award winning quality � where and how we do it

CNN ranked us #1 in Quality in a head to head comparison, Macworld said we have "the best scans" and Popular Photography editor, John Owens -said "I'm a believer".
We've won all these accolades because we spend significant time fixing every photo, video and movie film by manually editing it with advanced software: frame-by-frame. While other companies use automated software that makes blind decisions, ScanCafe has trained color correction and enhancement specialists who spend 3 minutes on every photo.

large image
After 3 mins of photo enhancement
large image

We have developed a unique tracking system and process that ensures the safety of your priceless memories wherever they are in the world.

General Resolution Image


  • Recommended by the Pros

    ScanCafe is a terrific alternative to 'do-it-yourself' scanning. I entrusted my invaluable original images to them, and they did a first-rate job for me.
    - Peter Guttman
    Travel Journalist

  • $1000 Safe Handling Guarantee

    Photo ScanningAll of our safety features add up to one thing: safety so strong that if you follow our packing tips, we guarantee it.

  • World's Largest Scanning Lab

    Over 150 million images scanned, more than 200 million feet of film transferred & over 1 million videotapes converted to digital

  • Everybody is saying it!

  • Pay Only for What You Want

    Photo Scan With ScanCafe, you get to review your scans before you settle your bill. You can delete up to 20% of your scans if you don't want them - no questions asked!

  • Our Customers

    Lindsey GarrettI am reviewing my order from ScanCafe for the first time - Pass the kleenex! I can't get over the wonderful feelings that wash over you when your see your old slides come alive on screen. Thank you ScanCafe.

    - Lindsey Garrett

    Kenette WentnerMy grandsons know about "the Grandfather"!! Thanks to ScanCafe, I have saved forever precious -never to be repeated - photos of my life. I'll be sending in my 2nd large order. THANK YOU. You do a great job!!

    - Kenette Wentner

    Reynolds CameronMy Uncle Craig, serving in the Airborne in 1969. This photo was damaged, but talented engineers at ScanCafe were able to restore it so the memory could be passed on to successive generations!

    - Reynolds Cameron

    Deb LorentzWe're excited about the scanning service and we are looking forward to seeing many of our old slides restored. The ordering process was simple and so was the packaging instructions. Compared to many of the other services on the market, ScanCafe is the best!

    - Deb Lorentz

    Jay ZitterThis is a photo of my mom
    in 1919. It was a tiny 2'x2'
    photo and Scancafe made
    it possible to share this
    much-loved photo with
    Mom's seven children,
    15 grandchildren, and 25 great-grandchildren. Thank you, Scancafe.

    - Jay Zitter

    Cave LinderNothing is more
    exciting than sending old slides and negatives to ScanCafe! :)

    - Dave Linder

    Joe EpleyI have been pleased with quality of work ScanCafe has done for in each of the several large orders that I placed over past several years. Thanks to ScanCafe's economical service, now my grandkids can enjoy some of my experiences when I was their age.

    - Joe Epley