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Reviews & awards

We thought we'd compile a list of third-party ScanCafe reviews by folks who've tried our services extensively.

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Article Notes
Outsource your photo scanning projects

by Derrick Story
October 2009 | full story

"If you want the best scans...ScanCafe is my recommended choice."
Reviewing the results of a ScanCafe order

by Gordon Haff
April 2008 | full story

"Overall, I give ScanCafe high marks."
CNN Money
Field Test: Digitize your memories

by Wilson Rothman
January 2008 | full story

"The best scanning service: ScanCafe"
The 24-Cent Scan

by John Owens, Editor
December 2007 | full story

"In all, I'm a believer."

Customers with blogs

Here are some reviews from customers, posting solely because they were excited about their completed orders. Feel free to search for more.

Blog Entry Excerpt
Slide Scanning
Michael Panciero
August 2010
"The folks at Scancafe did a great job in restoring this picture for me. ...more"
Slide Scanning
Steve Boyko
July 2010
"They have a handy status screen on their web site so you can track the progress of your order...more"
ScanCafe's Photo Restoration Service: This Rocks!
Jason Dunn
December 2009
"If you have an old, damaged photo that you'd like to see restored, give ScanCafe a try...more"
Scanning 4,419 family photos
Michael Wyszomierski
December 2009
"...overall I’m happy with the convenience of the service and the quality of the scans. A second order is on its way...more"
ScanCafe Review – Great Photo, Negative and Slide Scans
Mike MeEvoy
June 2009
"All things considered, I would heartily recommend the ScanCafe service. They provide excellent quality at a great price...more"
Photo (Re-) Finish
Joe Lynn
April 2009
"If you're looking for a hands-off solution to digitizing your photos, ScanCafe is a service to seriously consider...more"
We Love You Mom and Dad
March 2009
"So I used ScanCafe...for Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad of course... cried. Well, Mom cried and Dad kept on repeating, "You did good girl."...more"
ScanCafe Scanning Services for Slides & Negatives
Jacob Maentz
June 2008
"After dropping all the photos from the DVD into Lightroom, it’s safe to say that ScanCafe did a stellar job scanning and cleaning these 28 year old snapshots...more"
May 2008
"I don’t shoot enough film to make a scanner viable. In the end, I sent them off to Scancafe for scanning. It took a long time, but they results are good and the price isn’t bad either...more"
ScanCafe: A Photo Collector’s Best Friend
Matthew S. Chan
December 2007
"In the entire history of this blog, I do not think I have been moved to make a stellar recommendation about any vendor I have no personal relationship with. Today, I will be doing exactly that...more"
Cheapest hi-quality photo scans
Kevin Kelly
October 2007
"They are clean and crisp. I have a Nikon scanner and these $0.19 scans are superior in quality...more"
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