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We believe you only want to have your old video tapes digitized once, and to have it done right. That's why our technicans capture and edit them by hand, rather than running them through a machine. Yet our prices are among the lowest in the industry.

  Total Cost
For One 2-Hr VHS Tape & DVD
Digitizing DVD DVD Case & Titles Archival DVD Color Correction $1,000 safe handling guarantee
ScanCafe Standard Service $19.99 Included Yes Included Yes Yes Yes
Video Conversion Experts $55.80 $45.90 Yes $9.90 Yes No No
Fotobridge logo $25.991 Included Yes Included No No No
DigitalPickle Logo $20.00 Included No Included No No No
Imemories $19.98 $9.99 No $9.99 Yes No No
ScanDigital logo $19.95 Included No Included Yes No No
Home Movie Depot $14.99 Included No Included No No No
Photo Archival Co. $14.75 $10.95 Yes Included Yes No No

Non-promotional price comparisons, as of 5/01/2011.

1 Minimum order of 5 video tapes required, for $129.95. Free return shipping included. Factoring return shipping in, the adjusted todal price per video tape would be approximately $2 less.