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Chicago Tribune

If you have a lot of images to convert, a service such as ScanCafe ( can do the job for a reasonable price , June 2015, Digitizing a collection of photos is a huge project, but don't be discouraged. You have several options to help bring your old-school images into the modern era... full story »

The New York Times

ScanCafe is significantly cheaper than DigMyPics and other services, charging 29 cents an image for standard snapshots , January 2012, The average American household has about 3,000 non-digital photographs and slides squirreled away in closets, according to ScanCafe... full story »

The best gift, , The average American household has about 3,000 non-digital photographs and slides squirreled away in closets, according to ScanCafe... full story »


In 50 million photos, why all the winter?, February 2011, ScanCafe, a company that digitizes slides, prints, and negatives, has crossed the threshold of 50 million photos scanned...full story »


Company Offers Free Photo Restoration for Gas Line Explosion Victims, September 2010, ScanCafe will take photos from any format--slides, negatives, still in the photo album--and restore them to their original quality...


ScanCafe to raise prices, improve Web interface, April 2010, "...Capping months of all-hands development effort, we are nearly ready to beta-test a complete overhaul of the review interface and technology..." full story »

abc news

ScanCafe Brings Old Pics Into the Digital Era, December 2009, The real fun comes after ScanCafe receives your pictures and scans them. They're posted in your private account online for you to review... full story »

Outdoor Photographer

InFocus: Editor's Picks for 2009, December 2009, The digital scans I received were better in every case than handmade black-and-white scans I had done myself on a costly dedicated negative scanner... full story »

abc news

Hot New Printers and Cameras, October 2009, ABC's Andrea Smith reviews some new tech toys, and also ScanCafe's Gift Box (at -3:03). full story »


Outsource your photo scanning projects, October 2009, If you want the best scans and are willing to wait for them, then ScanCafe is my recommended choice. full story »

Ten tips to get you organized this fall, October 2009, There are some fantastic services out there like ScanCafe... full story »

How to Live a (Nearly) Paperless Life, September 2009, Based on reviews and some recommendations from friends, I sent a giant batch of photos off to ScanCafe... full story »

Splash Magazine Worldwide

Holiday Technology Gifts From $100 to $150 for 2009 - For Those That Can't Wait!, September 2009, ScanCafe’s Gift Box is a thoughtful and unique gift... full story »


Scanning Old Memories A Shoe Box At A Time, September 2009, Allen says most people don't realize that they are taking a risk by letting their photographs sit around... full story »

Outdoor Photographer

In-Focus: B&W Negative Scans, June 2009, If you have a sizeable collection of black-and-white negatives that you’re hoping to preserve, ScanCafe now offers a scanning service tailored especially for that need. full story »

Photo Business News & Forum

Photo and Negative Scanning: The ScanCafe Solution, May 2009, For the family happy-snapper, and the seasoned professional, the film archives need conversion, and ScanCafe is at the forefront of providing the best service in preserving your memories, or your pro archives., full story »


Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Great Ideas From $1 to $100 ,, April 2009, Help her sort out and archive those boxes of old family snapshot by giving her a gift-certificate to a photo scanning agency like ScanCafe., full story »

Daily Candy

Yes We Scan, April 2009, We know a picture’s worth a thousand words, but we’ll start with those and leave the rest up to you when you see the results of ScanCafe., full story »

CNN Money

New Life to Old Memories, April 2009, If you plan to make large prints from the images, call in the pros again. ScanCafe can do the job at a superclean 3,000-dpi resolution., full story »

ScanCafe now digitizes black-and-white negatives, March 2009, ScanCafe uses a "wet mount" process for which the company has applied for a patent…, full story »

The Huffington Post

Website Offers To Replace Your Ex With Obama..., February 2009, A company is capitalizing on Obamamania by offering to crop out the zero (your ex) on your Valentine's Day card and replace him with the hero (President Barack Obama)..., full story »


Tis the season to Crave: Stephen Shankland's pick, December 2008, ..."But I'm never going to get around to scanning hundreds of images myself. So how about the $150 ScanCafe gift box? , full story »

Memories, December 2008, Make your travel photos truly timeless., for example, will scan your slides, negatives, and under a quarter each. full story »

Here's a photo opportunity, November 2008, The time for procrastination to end is now, as the digital world meets the photo world once again at ScanCafe., full story »

You can have your computer and save money, too, November 2008, The price of scanning slides has fallen dramatically from over a dollar a slide to about a quarter a slide, since outfits like Scan Cafe have. buy the full story »

Plan for a memorable gift, October 2008, The company can also restore damaged photos, starting at $6.95. If Grandma's wedding photo has been ruined by a water stain, she'll be glad to see a perfect copy., full story »

Keep your memories sharp, July 2008, ScanCafe in Indianapolis will...correct the color, clean up and remove blemishes like cracks and water stains... ,

PMA Magazine: Tale of two scanners, June 2008, Through every part of the process, ScanCafe carefully tracks each order. "We built a system allowing consumers to track their images from the moment they place the order..., full story »

Transforming Faded Memories Into Vivid Realities, May 2008, I felt perfectly secure trusting them with 96 personal items...I appreciated the ability to cancel items before finalizing my order. , full story »

Reviewing the results of a ScanCafe order, April 2008, Overall, I give ScanCafe high marks. I combined the photos on the DVD I received with other scans and digital images and was able to..., full story »


Digitize Your Memories, January 2008, There's now an easy way to get them onto your computer. ScanCafe delivered high-quality scans with good color, contrast and detail..., full story »

Oprah Magazine Holiday Gift Guide, December 2007, ScanCafe: mail those overflowing boxes of photos, slides, and negatives to this site. They digitize and restore them; you pay for a disc of the shots you want., full story »

The 24-Cent Scan, December 2007, "This is too good to be true," I said to myself when I met Sam Allen at a restaurant in Santa Monica, Ca. Allen told me that his 18-month-old start-up, ScanCafe, would digitize negatives for 24 cents a piece..., full story »

Go Digital with Photos: How to outsource a chore, August 2007, Families with prize photographs can safeguard their memories by using a scanning service that digitizes old prints...,  

A Lifetime of Photos on a Single Disc, January 2007, When his father died in 2005, Dale Pelletier, vice president of the Allianz SE insurance company in Chicago, inherited boxes of ....,