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ScanCafe provides the safest, easiest, and most affordable slide scanning, photo scanning, negative scanning, and photo restoration in the industry.

  • No organization or sorting required
  • Only pay for the images you want to keep*
  • Review your scanned images on-line
  • Free color correction, cropping, and more!

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"ScanCafe makes it so easy to archive all of my old photos into an easy to use and organized format. I love it!"

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We combine technology with the trained human eye to breathe life back into each image you send to us. You simply can’t rely solely on processing software to get the most out of your photos – you need post scan processing by technicians and restoration artists that are capable of miracles.

Safety - Priority No 1

Your images are precious – we understand that better than anyone. That is why our 200 employees have treated the over 2,000,000 images successfully scanned at ScanCafe as if they were our very own. Our professional management team has designed every process from the ground up, both in the US and in Bangalore, to ensure the safety of your images. We are so confident in this that every order is backed by our $1,000 shipping guarantee.


We have the best prices – by far and bar none. These prices are all inclusive and simple to understand. We encourage you to compare our prices. With no minimum order size, and no charge for CDs or DVDs, there are no hidden fees at ScanCafe – we promise you that. Does it get better? Yes, we have the industry’s only “freedom of choice” model where you only have to purchase 20% of what you send us.



The ScanCafe Revolution

ScanCafe is a revolutionary company that is turning the negative scanning, photo scanning, slide scanning, and photo restoration business upside down.

First, you only pay for the scans you want to keep (20% minimum of scanned images). Thus, we have eliminated pre-sorting. This means you no longer have to spend hours sifting through vast negative, slide, or photo archives to determine which images are worth scanning. Simply put everything in a box and send to us.

Second, we are unique because our photo scanning, slide scanning, negative scanning, and photo restoration services are a fraction of the cost of historical scanning services. Our free value added photo services include manual color correction, cropping, and scratch removal. Whether you are digitizing slides, negatives, and photos to pass along to family members, creating slide shows for a big event, or simply protecting your memories against natural disasters, ScanCafe will deliver superior results for you.

Photo Scanning

ScanCafe provides first-class photo scanning, and we scan other types of paper images such as newspaper clippings of all sizes. For photos, we scan at 600 dpi which is the optimal level scan for photos. Just as important, our free, manual color correction and dust & scratch removal is included in our low prices. To be clear, not every photo scan service or photo scanner is alike. You will find some very, very low priced photo scanning services in the market at 150 dpi that are of very low quality, and they do not include color correction, dust and scratch removal, or cropping.

Negative Scanning

ScanCafe provides first-class negative scanning with superior Nikon negative scanners along with free, manual color correction that you will not find anywhere else. ScanCafe’s 35mm negative scanning service is our best value for customers. You get the highest quality 3000 dpi scans at 19c. Plus, negatives are easy to manage and ship. We also scan APS and medium format film. .

Slide Scanning

ScanCafe is the best slide scanning service. We use superior Nikon slide scanners and provide free, manual color correction that you will not find anywhere else. In addition to 35mm slide scanning, we can scan medium format slides. All slides are scanned at 3000 dpi which produces superior quality.

How can ScanCafe be so affordable yet provide such high quality?

Our founders are a California based management team with prior experience at firms such as Cisco, eBay, and Applied Materials. Based on our experience, we realized the best way to provide high quality scans at the most affordable price was to build a world class logistics chain at a world class graphics facility in Bangalore, India. Our scanning technicians provide outstanding quality and service, and the majority of our QA managers have degrees in art, photography, and computer animation. We use first class shippers like UPS and FedEx to ensure that your images are tracked and protected, and we back up our shipping with a 100% order guarantee. Check out our story.