Your Best Mother’s Day Story

With Mother’s Day behind us, we think it’s a good time to share stories from the day. Did you take you mother out somewhere nice, or do something special for her? Moms, how did your family treat you this year?

Tell us about your perfect Mother’s Day, from this weekend, or any Mother’s Day ever.

We’ll start:

For Mother’s Day I have tried to find fun ways to celebrate my mother over the years, including variations on the traditional fare. However as I get older I have a better sense of what my mother really wants: time. Time with her children and their families, time to do the things that bring her joy and time to relax! After raising two kids, several pets, mothering a million friends and falling in love with grandchildren, she deserves a little time to relax and smell the roses…or in her case the jalapeños.

This Mother’s Day I started a salsa garden for her, complete in little pots decorated with ribbon. I wanted to give her something that would combine two activities that she loves, cooking and gardening. In a few weeks she will start to see small sprouts come up through the dirt and once planted in her backyard she will get to stand back and look at the mature plants. Then in a few months she will pick the fruit, bring it to her kitchen, and make the most amazing salsa, knowing the whole while that we grew them together.

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  1. I thought haveing a college graduation on Mother’s Day was terribly inconvenient. When I looked up in the audience as I walked up to receive my Masters Degree, I realized what a gift it was to my mother and daughter. Their eyes were shining with pride and which I felt to the bottom of my heart.

  2. In upstate New York, Mother’s Day 2011 had been preceded by several weeks of heavy rain and snow-melt. Although my mother’s house wasn’t near any river, the soil around her house was very saturated. On Mother’s Day, my mom went in the basement to find two inches of ground water around her furnace, hot water tank, and storage shelves. Apparently, her sump pump decided that it had had enough, and burned out during the evening.

  3. We took mom to Napa, which she’d never been to before. We got food at Whole Foods and went to a park for a very nice picnic. Afterward, we went to Castello di Amoroso, which I highly recommend. It was a very memorable Mothers’ Day.

  4. Last year, our older daughter held a mother’s-day event at her house. So this year, our younger daughter had the honors. My wife and I, our two daughters, their husbands, and their kids (10 in all) gathered at Sarah’s small house in Seattle. As usual, chaos prevailed with the four kids running all over the house.

    My wife and I really enjoyed the event, in large part because we love to watch the younger generations interact with each other. Our daughters are very good friends with each other, good friends with their husbands and with their brothers-in-law, and the two young men are good friends with each other. The four grandchildren also get along well together.

    A boring, but wonderful story.

  5. We had a mother’s day brunch for all the moms in my family. That way, we got to be with my mom and our kids all at the same time. And the kids could play with their cousins, whom they adore!

    I think on mother’s day it’s important to honor godmother’s and ‘aunitie’s’ too. I make sure to always send my sister a mother’s day card, since she is my daughter’s godmother. 🙂

  6. This was a very memorable Mother’s Day for me. I spent the day relaxing & enjoying the sunshine while my family cooked dinner for me. It was so much better than going to a restaurant, & the pampering was great.

  7. My Mom and Mom in law were here for our first born son’s first communion. It was nice to have 3 Mom’s around for Mother’s day. They will all love the video transfer service once they see the results!

  8. The most memorable mother’s day was 1986. The prior summer I bought a day sailer, and felt that I had mastered it. It was a beautiful day, the air was warm (the water wasn’t) but I told mom — we won’t get wet. Famous last words. She reluctantly agreed. The wind picked up and I was about to turn — and I told her, “hold on it may jerk when the wind catches”. I didn’t hardly have it out of my mouth when the wind caught, the boat blew over and we were both launched into the cold lake. My first thought was get her to hang on to the boat, my second thought was “she is going to kill me”. She came up laughing, and when we got back to dry land we commemorated the event with a picture of us drenched. It’s still a favorite image.

  9. My 87 year old mother lives in an independent care facility where she is happy and has friends, but she has become withdrawn from the lives of her kids. During a recent visit, we happened to pull out an old school yearbook. Suddenly she lit up with old memories of those times, places, and events. I’m on a mission now to get all of Dad’s old slides scanned so we can easily stimulate these fun memory lane visits.

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