Work with a documentary filmmaker – free

Create a slideshow with a documentary filmmaker

We’re very excited to bring you a special offer! We’ve heard from many customers that they wanted to make a presentation or slideshow using their scanned photos.

So, we’ve made special arrangements with a leading San Francisco-area documentary filmmaker to have her produce customer slideshows.

She will interview you (by phone) to understand you and your goals for the project, and you will forward scanned images, text, and sound files. She will then produce an approximately 3-minute, professional-quality slideshow – at no cost to you. We’ll even feature the finished slideshows on our website.

About the filmmaker

Hannah Guggenheim is a leading cinematographer/editor in the Bay Area, whose films are noted for their artistic qualities and social conscience. She has an MFA from San Francisco State’s Film Production Program, including work for PBS and TurnHere.

Hannah’s most recent project – the documentary film “Benji and Judah” – was admitted to the Mill Valley Film Festival, showing in early October. The film is a compelling portrait of the human spirit, as it intimately focuses on the struggles and triumphs of identical twins born with Spina Bifida.

How to qualify

Because of the special nature of this opportunity, we can only extend it to the 10 customers with largest orders between now and September 30, 2008 (with a minimum of 1,000 paid scans). Slideshows should be completed by the first week of November. We will automatically contact all eligible customers.  Tell your story!

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