Top Priorities for ScanCafe in 2009

I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions – mainly because if you want to resolve something, you should just do it and not rely on some trigger date to provide you the impetus.  That is what my Old Man taught me anyway.

I do, however, strongly believe in goals and objectives heading into the New Year.  Even in this trying economic environment we have a lot on our plate here at ScanCafe and are bullish that we will continue to excel in the field of preserving the American legacy.  According to the Chinese calendar, we are about to enter the year of the Ox, which is the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work.  Probably a good thing given the amount of weight we all need to pull in the coming year.  And it is in that spirit that we thought it would be good to share with our customers some of the things we will be doing this year:

  1. Black & White Scanning.  We’d like to deliver an affordable, hiqh-quality solution here.
  2. Website Improvements. As we continue to hone the customer experience, we have made many improvements to our website, the gallery and the order process.   We’ve really ramped up the amount of testing and research we’re doing here, and we’re looking forward to using some of those insights to make our customers’ experience better.
  3. Photo Gifts.  Many customers have asked us for the ability to use some of their scanned images to make photo gifts. We think that’s a great idea.
  4. More Options for Pros.  One of our proudest achievements is the number of professionals and hobbyists who use our services. We look forward to engaging more with them and making our service more responsive to their needs.

This is just the high level list, but stay tuned. Certainly, there are a lot of clouds on the economy’s horizon, but we think it’s gonna be a great year.

Best, Sam.

8 thoughts on “Top Priorities for ScanCafe in 2009”

  1. How about accepting international orders in 2009? Would have thought that should be close to the top of your prioritites.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for bringing this up. We have been investigating international orders for quite some time. We actually have the ability to accept orders from an administrative perspective; however, the issue we keep running into is with customs on both sides of the border. Further, because we have an integrated order tracking system with UPS, we have to have a country by country set of paperwork to satisfy our respective lovely authorities. Even Canada is proving difficult in this regard. This is a long winded way of my saying “we are still working on it” – we hope to have a fully integrated solution with UPS in the coming months. Despite this, we are receiving orders weekly from all over the globe – the only continent outstanding is Antarctica. As soon as we get this ironed out, we will send out a note and I will blog about it.


  3. I second the call for accepting international orders! Having just emptied my ‘ancestral home’ of thousands of old kodachromes, I’d love to have you for scan them rather than do it myself (to say nothing of my own old film & slide stock). I’m sure I’m not alone up here in the Great White North.

    BTW, from reading your response to Andrew, I’m not sure if you’re suggesting that we can/should bypass the benefits of the integrated order-tracking system if we’re inclined to take the risk. Could you clarify?


    1. Hi Ian,

      Sorry for any ambiguity – let me clarify. I do not suggest that a customer should go outside of our process. We have spent years building an integrated shipping process that insures we treat your precious and irreplaceable images with the safety and respect they deserve. Step one in that process is using the UPS label auto-generated when you place an order with our service. Sometimes, customers decide to send us their order via a different route – when this is done, we have no way of tracing your package until it arrives on our doorstep. I really don’t want irreplaceable assets floating around in the “ethosphere”.

      Quick aside: we had a progress meeting with UPS today, looks like we are on target for integrating Canada by end of March!

      Good day, eh!
      ps Sharks 5, Bruins 2 last night in a potential Stanley Cup matchup

  4. Quick aside: we had a progress meeting with UPS today, looks like we are on target for integrating Canada by end of March!

    That is the absolute best news I’ve ever heard. I have thousands (well, perhaps 2000 to 3000) negatives I want scanned. Calculating the amount of hours I need to spend scan the whole collection puts me to sleep. I rather be out skiing or skating in this fine winter with my family.

    Please put me on the list (my email address is in this post) to be notified as soon as you get Canada.

  5. Did you get service for Canada up and running? Your FAQ pages still say no service for Canada. Could you notify me when service for Canada is available? Thanks!

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