Timeless Pic and a Story: A Precious Memory Resurfaces

We recently completed a slide digitization and restoration order from Ralph Morrissey, a valued Scancafe customer. While going through newly restored images from his wedding, Ralph found one photo that he had not realized existed. As it turns out, it was an incredibly important find that meant a lot to a few people.

Here is Ralph’s story:

Something amazing and totally unexpected happened with the digitization and restoration of the nearly 50-year-old 35 mm slides in my collection.

Amongst all the wedding photos was this one of a family that attended the ceremony. For unknown reasons, theirs was the only family photo taken and converted to a slide. For the most part, the slides sat in a box over the years, unviewed. After all, we had a wedding album, and it was inconvenient viewing slides. As a result, this family portrait was buried and forgotten.

Fast forward 48 years. I was contacted in early June via Facebook by Lance – the now middle-aged ‘child’ in the photo (blue jacket). I hadn’t heard from them in almost 45 years. He wanted to know if I was the Ralph Morrissey whom he knew as a child. We messaged back and forth, and joining in was his brother Mark, the ‘child’ in the middle (brick red jacket).

That’s when this amazing thing happened. With the return of all the restored photos a couple of weeks ago, I came upon this family picture. I realized that it was Mark, Lance and the rest of the family in the frame and immediately sent it to Mark. In his response, I could sense the emotion. You see, he had no photos of the ‘five’ of them, as his older brother Robert (in the beige jacket) died in a terrible accident not long after this photo was taken, and his dad about three years later.

He posted the photo to his Facebook page and I could feel the expression of love, joy, tears, and amazement in his post. Not only is it the only photo anyone remembered seeing of the whole family, it was beautifully restored. Lance is going to get a 11×14 print made, have it beautifully framed, and present it to his 79-year-old mother on her birthday. I can’t think of a better and more meaningful gift for someone.

Thank you for the great work you do. You don’t just restore photos, you restore loving memories. This is a moment I (and many others) will never forget.

Memory Resurfaces

Thank you, Ralph, for sharing this very moving story.

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