Things we liked at PepCom

ScanCafe took a bite out of the Big Apple at the Fall PepCom event.  The purpose was to bring a bunch of creative consumer focused companies together in one place to present ideas for the upcoming Holiday season (what, already?) to a bunch of national reporters.  A good idea, really, it allows for both companies and press to make a single trip to a single spot.

Didn’t hurt that they had some good grub and lots of booze (for the press – yours truly had only water to drink).

The coolest thing we saw at PepCom was the service from Cucku – yeah, that really is the name, an old Marine like me thought it a bit too close for comfort, but there you have it.  Cucku has created an innovative way to provide backup services for your irreplaceable files (such as your heirloom photos) using a distributed, peer to peer infrastructure.  You should check them out if you are looking for a neat way to backup your systems which you should be doing.

Second place?  Had to be the sweet vacuum from Black & Decker that folds flat to get under the couch.  Yes, I am talking about vacuum cleaners – but it’s ok because it’s from Black & Decker.  Right?