Why we do what we do

I was speaking with a free lance editorialist the other day and he was asking me about the value proposition that ScanCafe provides; he kept asking questions about price and ease of use. Initially, my response was “yes, we are the market leader – by far – in pricing and NO ONE comes close in ease of use (no minimum order, no pre-sorting necessary, review your images online, pay only for those you wish to have in high resolution, etc).” As he wrote down that response, I said the following: “But, frankly, what we are truly all about, at the heart of it, is enriching people’s lives. We get to reawaken the past for folks – and do so in a very vivid fashion. We also allow the incredibly emotionally uplifting experience to be easily shared with loved ones.”

This business, on the surface, is about analog to digital conversion. However, underneath, this business is about improving the welfare of our customers. It’s about being a bridge to the past. It’s about unlocking value in the archive of the professional photographer. It’s about allowing grandchildren to live the lives of their grandparents. It’s a fantastic business to be involved in and each person on our staff truly enjoys acting as a catalyst for our customers to fully enjoy their archive of imagery. We have reconnected veterans, we have strengthened family bonds, and we have provided family story tellers a wealth of new ammunition. Hopefully, all of our customers share in these types of experiences. Let me know if you have had such an uplifting experience or if you would like to share your story with other users.