Spring Cleaning with ScanCafe

Spring is in the air (at least in California). Isn’t it exciting? While many of you gear up for your annual cleaning and de-cluttering extravaganza, I thought I’d suggest something people often overlook when clearing out the clutter: digitally converting your old photos.

Our research shows that the average U.S. household has about 10,000 photos stored away in closets, attics, or taking up valuable space in the office or living room. But you can’t throw these precious images away, so what to do?  Scan them with ScanCafe!  We had a customer drop off two boxes of slides yesterday, each weighing about 65 pounds.  Now imagine the freedom of movement he will have when we return to him a few DVDs.  He can move his original slides (aobut 15,000 of them) into some sort of storage and completely remove them from site.  This is an amazing way to de-clutter, once and for all.

While many people will still save their photos after they’ve been scanned, there’s really no need to. We scan the images in high resolution and burn them to a CD or DVD, so you can look at them anytime you want. You can share them with friends and family anytime via our wonderful online library.  You can back them up on your computer’s hard drive, or order additional discs, so you know they will always be safe.

Another great reason to get rid of the originals is that “Clutter Makes You Fat”! No, really. Home organization guru and HGTV host Peter Walsh just released a new book called, Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?, in which he observes that there is a direct correlation between the way your body and your home are taken care of. He theorizes that an unorganized home actually aids in packing on pounds (my home must really be unorganized).

So let’s trim the fat! Send us your photos, negatives and slides and we’ll send them back in digital format. You can organize them however you like on our secure web-site, and we’ll burn them to CD or DVD exactly the way you’ve set them up. When you get them back, you can throw all those old photos away (or save them in a location that is completely out of the way), and start using that empty space to get the rest of your home organized.  Now if I could only find room for my old text books . . .

Happy Spring, watch out for those bunnies!


4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning with ScanCafe”

  1. All the reviews I read give me a good feel for the Scancafe experience. But…I’d still like to try it out without having to wait almost 8 weeks to see the results.

    I wish you had a trial service where I could send 20 images (negatives, photos, whatever), pay $10-$15 and see the results within 2-3 weeks. That would give me personally the confidence to commit those precious family slides to the full treatment.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d like something like this so we can try out Scancafe personally and see what we think.

  2. It´s about 6 billion of us who do not live in the US.-) Do you have an option for people living in Europe who wants do get their photos scanned?

  3. Dear Bernard,

    Your idea has merit. Our first priority is to get the normal turn time back down to the 4-6 week timeframe. This should be accomplished over the summer. An unfortunate side effect of success is the challenge to scale. Since all of our customer’s photos receive free manual correction, scaling quickly is a daunting task – I can’t just throw money and machines at the problem. If I did, then quality would suffer.

    Re: your idea – we are investigating an “Express” service that will do just as you describe, but it is probably a third quarter event.

    Thanks for the note.

  4. Hi Obelix,

    About 6.337 billion to be exact 😉 We are working w. UPS to integrate their World Ship service that will allow international customers to place orders with us. The hurdle is the ridiculous amount of paperwork our collective governments like to put in front of free trade! Stay tuned – if you register as a ScanCafe user then you will receive our monthly newsletter wherein we will announce the launch of global order capability.

    Thanks for the post,

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