ScanCafe’s new online digital restoration service as seen on!

Hi Folks,

I am proud to announce ScanCafe’s new digital restoration service. As with everything else we do – we worked to ensure ease of use for our customers while maintaining the highest level of quality and affordability in the industry. It was important to us to maintain the value proposition of only paying for what you want.

How did we accomplish this with digital restoration? Here’s how it works: You upload the image you would like restored or corrected. Our world-class restoration artists review the image and then provide you with a quote within a couple of days. If you decide to pass – there is zero cost to you. If you want us to move forward, you simply approve the quote and within a few days you will have the fully restored image ready for download from your secure ScanCafe account. Market prices for this type of work run anywhere from $20 on the low end for basic corrections like red eye removal, all the way to $350 plus for a full reconstruction project. ScanCafe’s prices run the gamut of $6.95 to $39.95 for the same level of work. And, as with our scanning services, our quality is phenomenal. Check out the article written about our service in the magazine. The article also includes examples of our work. For more examples, visit our gallery.

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Restoration Example

Aside from the digital upload capability you can always send damaged images as part of a scanning order. After scanning, we can restore the image for you using the same process.

We have had fantastic success breathing new life into old memories through our #1 rated scanning service. Now we are ecstatic to take a broken memory and make it whole again. I am continually amazed at the emotional impact of our work on our valued customers. Adding another high quality service will only strengthen this experience.

As always, I actively look forward to any feedback you have on our new restoration service or on any aspect of the ScanCafe experience overall. Please feel free to post comments here on the blog or to send us an email at [email protected]. Old fashioned? Please feel free to call us at 866-745-0392.

Don’t let those fabulous memories languish!