ScanCafe Review in Popular Photography

‘Tis been a good start to the holiday season for ScanCafe.  John Owens, the Editor in Chief of “Popular Photography and Imaging” – a leading photography journal, just posted a positive ScanCafe review in the December edition of his magazine.  This is even more exciting than being in O Magazine (sorry, Oprah, you probably don’t hear that too often).

As he mentions in his article, I met with him for breakfast in Santa Monica this past summer.  As I sat and waxed rhapsodically about the beauty of ScanCafe (after all, one of my major responsibilities is to evangelize like a Preacher), a doubtful look crossed his face, quickly followed by the “C’mon, gimme a break!” quote found in his article (yeah, he actually said that, and such an honest reaction made an immediate fan out of me).  He told me that the “scanning problem” had been in the annual top 5 for the past 20 years and there had never been an answer that didn’t involve thousands of dollars and worse – thousands of hours of labor.  However, as I took the time to explain the revolutionary service married to the industry best pricing, he took the time to really listen to what I had to say.  He took the time to listen because he is an advocate and champion of his reader base and he takes his job seriously (another reason I liked him).  I convinced him that ScanCafe had the opportunity to solve this heretofore insurmountable challenge.  And after he tried the service anonymously, I think he convinced himself that ScanCafe is truly a boon to the time & cash strapped professional photographer and enthusiast. 

Just a follow up to some things John mentions in his review: we do now offer pro-caliber work, just check out our Pro Options page.  We have also added an integrated “status update” bar from which you can track the progress of your order more effectively then before.  And last – I did take umbrage when he called me “dead serious”.  I am really not that bad, I mean, look at these photos.

idiots.jpg   asleep-at-the-wheel.JPG