ScanCafe Named Winner in Money Magazine's Field Test

I could not have asked for a better Christmas present than this. ScanCafe is the flat out winner in Money Magazine’s photo scanning field test – check out the January 2008 edition. This is outstanding news for us in more ways than are obvious. Clearly it helps our business, but from a personal perspective, it proves that our business model is phenomenal and you can truly find the best quality product at the lowest price with ScanCafe. In fact, quality was a true differentiator in this test which lends strong credence to our claim of being the best quality scanning service out there. We can now add Money Magazine to Popular Photography, PC Photo,, and many, many blogs as independent and trusted sources to prove our quality and our service. Our technicians in India are highly trained and the lower labor rate allows us to spend much more time on each individual image – hence the enhanced quality that you just can’t seem to get in the U.S. at even remotely acceptable prices. Lastly, the results of this test are significant and credible because we had no idea that it had even occurred.

I was actually out of the office (shhh, I was on the 14th green at Spanish Bay, don’t tell anyone) when Laurent, our Chief Strategy Officer, Founder and resident snow boarding expert, called to tell me that the article had been published listing ScanCafe as the “four star” champion.

Again, as I said in my blog post about ScanCafe’s inclusion in O Magazine – I am mostly happy that scanning services, in general, are getting more attention. People are really starting to see the value of digitizing and protecting their most cherished photo moments. Furthermore, informed consumers are also much more open to using first-class services that scan images internationally. For example, it was nice to see that the second place finisher does their scanning internationally as well. I would also like to say that there are some other good companies that do quality work and have a high caliber of ethics that weren’t on the list and they are definitely a better choice than the companies that exhibited poor quality, high prices and dubious marketing & pricing tactics. Now, readers of Money Magazine and have several good choices for their digitization efforts. Thanks Money Magazine! Get your images converted, folks, regardless of how you do it – don’t let them waste away. Remember, one digital image on your computer is worth 100 paper ones in your closet.


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  1. 94. Those greens are BRUTAL. I mean, who are they kidding with terrain like that on the putting surface? It was like putting on your windshield.

  2. I notice you have had operational experience in Europe in previous companies. It would be great to see the service extended to the UK and maybe win more awards over here too :-).

  3. Hi Mark – we will be able to accept international orders via our integrated UPS shipping tool shortly, hopefully by May 1st. You can place an order at and send your order via Royal Post in the short term but I won’t be able to track it for you effectively and we like to ensure we know where all the orders are located. So hopefully you can wait a bit for us to get this up and running. Make sure you register as a user as you will receive our monthly newsletter in which we will announce the international order acceptance process.

  4. Please confirm whether you are now able to accept orders from the UK which can be tracked.



  5. Hi Peter – thanks for the question. Believe it or not, we are waiting for UPS to get off their hind end and complete this integration. We are able to accept international credit cards – the problem lies with the appropriate return customs paperwork. These docs will get auto generated at time of order placement by the UPS system and will “travel” with the order in soft copy format. Once the order is placed, it will have full online traceability. We are receiving orders from Europe (as well as the rest of the world) currently b/c people are just sending them to us via national post – but we don’t recommend this because we have no way of tracking those orders. Stay tuned, we hope to have this capability up and running shortly.

  6. Hi there,

    Just wondering if there is any update on Scancafe being available in the UK, please? From what I’ve read of it, it looks a fantastic service.


  7. Could you please confirm if you do accept orders from the UK now. I cannot find any mention on your website yet. It still says in your FAQ to get a friend or family member in the US to place your order. Ist 2010 and in mid 2008 you seemed hopeful. I have waited a while but I do want to scan my photos with you as you still get the most reccomendations!!!
    Cheers from the UK

    1. We just haven’t gotten to the UK yet. But it’s true we are the best. Outside of mailing them to a friend in the US first, we just haven’t figured an easy way to support UK residents yet. (Note, by the way, with our new Express feature, you get a digital download in about 8 business days from the time we receive your originals).

  8. Hey any update on the UK yet. Is it us (UK) or are you just not interested in UK customers?
    Thanks for your time.

    1. We love the UK, and it is full (as in so many areas of British life, we notice) of really knowledgeable folks, who take a strong craftsmanslike attitude toward whatever it is they are keen on. And it’s none the less true for photography. But it is also true that we just haven’t gotten to UK or even European expansion yet, and we apologize for that. In the meantime, if you are willing to ship yourself and have a friend residing in Canada or the US, you can indeed place an order with us from the UK.

  9. Hi!

    I was wondering if the UK/EUropean expansion was progressing in the right direction or if you had given up on that? I’m very interested in using your service from the UK!!!
    Thanks for your help

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