ScanCafe in Oprah Magazine

I have to say, my mother in law, a devout disciple in the land of Oprah, was quite excited to find ScanCafe in the December holiday issue of Oprah’s magazine “O”. Obviously, getting a mention in such a wide spread publication was exciting for all of us (ahem, page 124 – you can pick one up at any drug or bookstore) and has been a nice little bump in sales. But I am more excited that more people are just hearing about ScanCafe. One of our major priorities is to evangelize the analog to digital conversion, regardless of how it happens. So, the best part about being in Oprah isn’t that it helps my business, but rather that it makes people stop and say to themselves “hmm, I didn’t know a service like that existed.” So we welcome with open arms a new legion of folks who want to unlock their legacy imagery and throw new light on their memories. If you come to us to help in that worthy endeavor – then great! But if not, I still urge you to convert your images – such precious memories don’t belong in your closet. I can’t wait to hear what my Marine buddies have to say about my being in Oprah magazine – bring it on!
Oprah Cover