President of the U.S. By Love

I recently outlined the top priorities for ScanCafe in 2009, which we will work diligently to complete this year. And while our focus is constantly on improving our services, in a bid to help preserve the American legacy, we like to have a bit of fun as well.

So, for Valentine’s Day 2009 we launched a lighthearted promotion where you can submit a photo to get a personalized Obama Photo Valentine. What’s that, you ask?
To create this special gift, our world class photo restoration team inserts Barack Obama into your photo (we can even remove an old flame) and adds a touch of Valentine’s Day charm, too.

It’s free, fun, and beats the pants off a box of chocolates. We realize not everybody likes the President, but we figured this made sense in terms of giving a little support to a new administration in some very tough times. And we do have over 800 submissions already, so at least somebody agrees with us. (We’re working like crazy to get them all done for Valentine’s Day, but my guess is we’ll have to finish some next week).

Courtney Friel at Fox News
BTW, the word’s getting out, too, at least with Jane Wells at CNBC, Photojojo, and Courtney Friel at Fox News.

2 thoughts on “President of the U.S. By Love”

  1. I am trying to send my picture so I can have a valentine picture with President Obama, but I cannot find the link?

    1. Hi Kari,

      Sorry about that – we were completely inundated by this campaign and finally had to shut it off on the 14th. It was wildly successful and we plan to run more like it in the future.


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