A Perfect Gift – for the Holidays and Beyond

Each year the holidays come around, bringing a considerable amount of stress with them – the stress of finding just that right gift for every family member and friend on the list. This overshadows the joy of the festive season for a lot of people.

A segment on Good Morning America offers a few personalized gifting ideas for those looking for some inspiration during that time of the year. These cover an array of customizable mugs, coasters, and vintage cameras. But the segment also addresses the need for digitizing old photos and recommends a tried and trustworthy photo scanning service for the job: ScanCafe!

As ABC’s Becky Worley says, “Digitizing has gotten cheaper and it’s a great project to do with those you love!”

Ensuring that the photos of a loved one will last forever is a wonderful way to celebrate precious memories during the holidays. But the indecision around gifting is not limited to the holidays. Most of us grapple with gifting dilemmas all through the year, every time a special birthday or anniversary pops up on the calendar. The next time you are faced with one, think about giving the gift of photo digitization.

Why choose us?

ScanCafe scans pictures by hand, ensuring high quality, high-resolution results. With old photos, colors often fade or dull, so every picture scanned also undergoes color correction to restore the photographs to their original vibrancy. In addition, ScanCafe has perfected techniques to remove scratches and make scanned images look as if they were taken yesterday. For ScanCafe, safety goes hand in hand with quality. With door-to-door package tracking, video surveillance, and strict monitoring every step of the process is designed to keep customers informed and reassured. Leading-edge scanning facilities expertly handle thousands of packages with two quality assurance teams checking every order. ScanCafe guarantees both the safety and the quality of your photo memories.