Halloween Costumes

This Halloween has us thinking about photos from years past — the old decorations, the treats, our first costumes! There’s something special about that very first costume, isn’t there? Whether it was lovingly handmade by a devoted parent, or excitedly chosen on a family outing, that costume will always be precious.

Tell us about your first, or most memorable Halloween costume below!

One of my first costumes for a Halloween party was as a ghoul. Mom spent days tearing up old sheets, soaking them in different dyes and stitching them back together into rags. Dad, who worked briefly as a theater stage-hand, spent hours flouring my hair and building up the most gruesomely ashen, blood-stained make up. Most of the other eight year old girls showed up as fairies and princesses and had no idea what a ghoul was. In fact my make up was so scary some of them wouldn’t even talk to me. I really stuck out, but it sure was a creepy costume!

And, pictured is our very own Amanda with her sister, Shannon. She was just six years old when this was taken, and they’re dressed as a panda and Sylvester.

Back to School, With Your Favorite Teachers

It’s back to school to time!

For many of us, school was excruciating. But nearly everybody has a favorite teacher–some kind or wise figure who helped us turn a corner of some kind, when we were a kid. Share your story below!

We’ll start:

For me, I had a few favorite teachers, but the one that stands out is my old geometry teacher, Mr. Furr. He was an acquired taste for some, with a gruff exterior, but for me he was fantastic and I never saw a twinkle missing from his eye. It wasn’t just that he was a good teacher–though let’s be clear, he was, maybe the best I’ve ever had, in high school or college or business school–but also that he just seemed to have life figured out, in a way that I could get behind. He was collecting something like three pensions in addition to his school salary, and I asked him about it one day. He said he was teaching for fun. In the same conversation, he said he’d always had a dream to drive a Mercedes roadster. I said “Geesh, Mr. Furr, you’ve got three pensions. Why wouldn’t you just go out and buy that car?” And he said, and I will never forget it, “Sure, I could do that. But then I wouldn’t have a dream, now would I?” I never thanked him sufficiently, either, and the opportunity, I’m sad to say, is long gone.

The Photo That Got Away

We talk a lot about preserving memories, but this time we want you to share the ones you never captured!

We’ve all had those moments: you grab for your camera, switch it on, take your shot, realize the lens cap is still on, and the moment is gone.

For one of us, it was driving through the Nevada desert at dusk watching a thunderstorm over the mountains. Ten minutes of the most spectacular lightning show went by before we realized we should be taking pictures. And by the time we got the camera out of the trunk–you guessed it–the show was over.

What about you?

Volcanoes, Who Knew?

Cots at Chicago O'Hare Airport
Like a lot of folks, including the europe-bound travelers who had to sleep at O’Hare Airport last week (see picture), we were surprised at the impact that the recent volcanic eruptions in Iceland have had on air travel. It turns out that because Europe’s air space is so confined, flights have few options for re-routing around the clouds of volcanic ash. Consequently, the biggest disruption to European air traffic since World War II happened last week. And finally, today, it seems to be easing.

Some ScanCafe customers have been affected by the disruptions, since some of our air freight routes go through Europe. We’ll be in touch with everybody who’s affected, but it’s good to know that the worst is behind us.

In the meantime, we can all go back to sleeping at home, instead of the airport.

Honor our furry friends

We love preserving family memories, but to date we’ve overlooked a furry fixture of many people’s families and childhoods: a beloved pet. Well, pets need to be remembered, too!
So this weekend at ScanCafe, we are celebrating the upcoming Pet Owners Day by asking folks to share a memory of a pet who was special to you in the past.
Just go ahead and share your memory with us in the comments below. Or, if you would like to share a picture as well, you can post it on our Facebook fan page.